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Marvel’s Netflix series have always been dark and a little stressful, but we can’t get enough of ‘em. Apparently, Netflix can’t either, as the subscription streaming service announced this week that Jessica Jones will definitely be returning to the schedule for a second season. Yes, that’s right, Season 2 is a go, although details are a little scarce at this point.

Netflix announced a ton of release dates for its latest batch of shows this morning, but while Jessica Jones was listed as getting a second season, the show hasn’t earned an official date, yet. We do know that Daredevil Season 2 will hit the schedule this March and that the Jessica Jones follow-up Luke Cage will officially premiere sometime in 2016. In addition, Iron Fist and The Defenders are still in the works and are expected to premiere sometime after that. Since Jessica Jones premiered this winter, it’s possible that Netflix will decide to get the follow-up on the schedule one year after, similar to Daredevil, but it’s too soon to tell. We do know that Melissa Rosenberg, Liz Friedman and Jeph Loeb produce the series and unlike Daredevil it looks like Jessica Jones might continue to keep its showrunner in Rosenberg, so I guess that’s something…

When Jessica Jones first hit the schedule in November, the show was well-reviewed. More recently, sneaky behind-the-scenes ratings have seemed to have shown the show is fairly popular for the service, to boot. So while we weren’t expecting to see Jessica Jones back as a lead on a series until The Defenders hit the schedule, it’s not a huge shock that Netflix has ultimately opted to greenlight a second season of the drama. In fact, the move is very much in the same vein as Netflix and Marvel’s first foray into TV together, Daredevil, which also earned a Season 2 renewal once Netflix took a look at how the performance of the first season did.

Still, it’s a little astonishing that Netflix has made the announcement right now, as it was only two months ago when showrunner Melissa Rosenberg mentioned there may not be time for Jessica Jones to return for a second season, with all of the other projects coming up.

The world-building that Marvel has been able to do over at Netflix has been somewhat astonishing. Not only have all of the shows mentioned in the second paragraph been announced already, this weekend we heard that Netflix is thinking about putting together yet another Marvel and Netflix collaboration following The Punisher, who will make his first appearance in the upcoming season of Daredevil and who will be played by Jon Bernthal. Clearly, this project is still in the early stages, but we’ll get a taste of The Punisher when Daredevil Season 2 premieres in March.

Of course, we’ll also let you know when Jessica Jones Season 2 begins to move forward, as well.