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KTLA Weatherman Complains And Walks Off On Live TV

Weatherman Henry DiCarlo had a bone to pick with whoever’s managing his time over at KTLA. From the video, it seems he was supposed to be doing an interview and then the weather, but he decides to use the time to share his frustration over what’s expected of him.

Deadline posted the video below, which features KTLA wheather man Henry DiCarlo during a “Henry’s Helpers” segment of the news. It seems like he’s either just about to or just finishing up interviewing someone (there’s a cut in the video where it looks like the interview might have been edited out of the video), when he starts to do the weather and then, instead, complains and walks off, leaving the anchors to banter about it and the traffic reporter to pick up where he left off...

“We’re gonna talk a little weather right now. We’ll get you caught up to date... You know what? It’s so interesting. I’m in the communications business, and it seems like there’s so little communication. When you send a weather man out to do the weather, but you’re also sending him to do a story, you might want to give him a little extra time... but that’s just me. Anyway. Sorry we don’t have time for weather folks, I’m just doing what I’m told, and that was to do an interview, so I’ll tell you what. We’ll have somebody else handle weather. We’ll send it back to you in the studio.”

Live TV! It seems like this this is about more than just being asked to do the reporting and the weather, but who knows what was really going on?

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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