Mad Men's Matthew Weiner, Jon Hamm And Jessica Pare Talk Season 6 In New Video

Following up on the excellent piece of key art we saw yesterday comes a promo video for Season 6 of Mad Men, which has stars Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm and series creator Matthew Weiner discussing the upcoming season of the popular period drama. They seem to know just what to say about the returning AMC drama to get us excited about the new season without giving up any major details about what's ahead.

"I think people will enjoy Season 6, because it's a real journey into learning about Don," Matthew Weiner says at the start of the video below. That's a primary example of what I'm talking about in terms of teasing us without any major reveals. After all, the whole series is sort of a journey into learning about Don, isn't it? Although, how much do we really know about the man? The recently released poster suggests Don will be faced with exploring his own identity though, so maybe we'll be seeing a more direct approach to exploring his character?

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The footage in the video looks familiar, but the cast and Matthew Weiner's comments on the new season certainly teases "a lot of our favorite characters doing a lot of different things," as Jon Hamm puts it. Jessica Pare goes on with her own vague tease, saying, "It's not what you think is coming. It's not coming in the way that you thought it was coming. It's probably not coming at all." Great costumes, upheaval, insight into Don, a new dynamic, people striving to grow up. I'm sold.

The two-hour season premiere of Mad Men airs Sunday, April 7 at 9/8c on AMC.

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