The Office's Angela Kinsey Will Co-star In The Gabriels Pilot

Angela Kinsey has spent the last nine TV seasons on The Office, but with NBC’s hit comedy ending soon, it was time the actress looked for some brand new scenery. Apparently, it didn’t take particularly long. Kinsey has signed on for Fox’s comedy pilot The Gabriels, which is coming from The League writer Justin Hurwitz and The Last Exorcism writer Andrew Gurland.

The Gabriels will follow a family living in an area of Wisconsin where people are all up in each other’s business. Somewhat oppositely, the Gabriel family is described as a nervous, less-open family that will be the main focus of the series. In the pilot, Kinsey will star opposite Rob Riggle as a member of the Gabriel family. Her character won’t stray too far from the one she is currently playing on The Office. According to TV Line, in The Gabriels Kinsey will play a rigid woman who deals in therapy, but spends more time making her patients feel bad about themselves than fixing their problems.

Despite plenty of cast members from The Office opting to leave the show in earlier seasons in order to try their hands elsewhere, now that some of the longest-term cast members are signing on to new projects, the fact that The Office is darn close to ending its run has really sunk in. It seems like Kinsey may have landed in one of the good pilots and I can’t wait to see whether or not The Gabriels makes it to series. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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