Wedding bells are ringing at Dunder Mifflin this week! It's not the first time two beloved characters have gotten married on this series, but it will be the last time as Thursday night marks the final episode of The Office. The hour-and-fifteen-minute finale will involve the nuptials of (spoilers if you aren't caught up!) Dwight and his true love, Angela. Jim has been tasked with being Dwight's best man.

In the clip above, Jim assures us that there will be no pranks on Dwight for his wedding. Only good surprises. But good surprises can still be funny! Also not on the menu, whorehouses - much to Zeke's dismay - and accidental murders, much to Clark's dismay. No idea how they're going to fill the time without those things, but I'm sure Jim will think of something!

The Office finale will air tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. after an hour-long retrospective special. The finale was recently extended from one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, which will close out the series.

In anticipation of the series' ending, we've been looking back at the series' nine seasons, including listing some of the most underutilized characters, our favorite episodes, some of the best costume choices and the Top 5 couples.

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