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Overly Sexual Pantyhose Commercial Leads To Angry Customers, Lawsuit

You buy an umbrella, you expect it to keep you dry from the rain. You buy a pair of stockings, and you expect them to give you orgasms every time you walk around in them. Well, maybe you don’t, but there are apparently a lot of women that do, and they’re bringing a class action lawsuit against Kushyfoot, a women’s legwear company whose recent commercial depicted their products as being SO comfortable, the only way to react is to moan loudly in public. As it happens, they weren’t that comfortable.

Queens resident Meng Wang is the spearheader of the federal lawsuit against Kushyfoot, which claims its reflexology-inspired designs work wonders for its customers’ bodies. The commercial in question features a woman walking around the city, sometimes in slo-mo, audibly letting anyone listening know “that’s the spot,” and it all ends with her handing out samples from her purse, which other women wear and seem to be equally ecstatic about it. It seems likely enough that there’s some kind of a magical vibration happening when one wears them, but that’s not the case, and Wang’s lawyer C.K. Lee told the N.Y. Post that they’re “just socks.”

More than 100 people have jumped on board this Kushyfoot lawsuit, with claims that a combined total of more than $5 million has been spent on the company’s goods. That’s mind-numbing. Even if 200 people were a part of this, it means that the average person spent around $25,000 on Kushyfoot products. Considering the tights run from $20-$30, with just about everything else on the site selling for under $30, what the shit did all these people keep buying their stuff for? If your your feet aren’t feeling better after putting one pair on, why would the next 500 pairs blow your mind?

This is hardly the first time this particular kind of fashion faux pas has happened. Sketchers found themselves at the wrong end of a $40 million payout in 2012 when customers complained the company’s “Shape-up” footwear didn’t live up to its claims of toning buttocks and leg muscles, or ones implying weight loss could be eased along by wearing them. I’m not quite sure this is the same thing, but I’m eager to find out where things go from here. Check out the pleasure-filled ad below.

To me, this is like a kid trying to sue the creators of Popeye for showing that spinach would give them muscle stacks on muscle stacks, but then I’m not a federal judge. I’m just the guy who wrote Kushyfoot for the first time today. What do you guys think?

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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