ABC is making a bold move that could give a boost to three series getting ready to return for a second season this fall. The complete first seasons of Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Scandal will all be made available on Netflix by the end of the month, giving viewers who didn’t check out the new shows last season a chance to get hooked just as all three start up again for Season 2.

Only a few months after each of the three series wrapped their freshman runs, they will be made available exclusively on Netflix. That’s an incredibly quick turnaround time; even shows like AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men, both of which can credit Netflix for increased interest in their most recent new seasons, didn’t hit the streaming catalog that fast. Deadline says the three ABC shows will make their streaming debut within days of their scheduled Season 2 premieres.

Networks are starting to see the potential in offering their series for viewing via subscription services like Netflix it seems. Streaming services offer unprecedented access to new viewers who might not have had the time or the inclination to watch a show when it first aired, but might be likely to give it a try on their own time. While some networks – clearly ABC – are ready to give it a shot, others are still holding back. Perhaps the example that ABC is setting here will get others to make the move to add new episodes and new shows sooner rather than later. If the Netflix move improves the ratings for these three shows, it could stand as a strong example to other networks.

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