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Rob Schneider is heading back to TV, or at least the streaming service Netflix. This week, a representative for the Rob Schneider comedy Real Rob has announced that the show will be coming to Netflix starting on December 1. The show is a nod to Schneider’s real life, and will star the actor in a comedy about the management of his career and home life. Bits of stand-up will also be included in the new series.

If you’ve been keeping up with Schneider at all, you may know that Real Rob has been in the works for some time now. The comedian actually announced that he was writing, directing, starring in and financing the sitcom earlier in 2015. At the time, we got a sneak peek at Real Rob, and learned it was co-written by Schneider’s actual wife Patricia Azarcoya. Similarities to the comedian’s real life that will pop up in the show include the fact that he will be a father and the husband of a Mexican-American wife who works in the entertainment industry. Here’s the first look:

Since Schneider already financed the production, it was probably an attractive property for Netflix, who has frequently picked up projects and new seasons of series that other networks have passed on. Honestly, Netflix might be the right fit for Schneider, as well. The actor has largely been out of the public eye since his last sitcom, Rob was cancelled back in 2012. Rob only lasted one season on network TV and only eight episodes were ever produced, meaning a less conventional outlet may be a better fit for the project.

Amusingly, THR is reporting that Real Rob will also last for a whopping eight episodes. This time around, George Lopez and Norm MacDonald are signed on for guest appearances. Fans in the US, UK, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand will all be able to watch the series as soon as it hits the schedule.

Real Rob isn’t the only new series Netflix has coming up in the latter part of 2015. Master of None, With Bob & David, and the high-profile Jessica Jones all coming up before 2015, not to mention the return of Hemlock Grove and more. While we don’t know if Real Rob will earn a renewal and thus last for more than one season, we do know the new comedy is coming, and soon. You can take a look at what else will premiere before midseason, here.

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