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Tabloids and, we admit it, sites like ours have been salivating for months over rumors that the next Sex and the City movie could be a prequel, with of-the-moment starlets like Blake Lively and Selena Gomez tipped to revive the characters that originated in Candance Bushnell's novel and were immortalized in the HBO series that started its run in 1998. But both Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King, who directed both Sex and the City movies, seemed less than enthusiastic at the prospect of a prequel, though they both still seemed attached to the characters as played by the original actresses. Which leads to a solution that perhaps was inevitable: the seventh season of the show that you didn't ask for.

Before we go any further, it's worth noting that this news comes from Britain's The Daily Mail, a tabloid that has gleefully trafficked in rumors that may or may not be at all true. What they're reporting now is that producers met in Hollywood last week "to discuss the new show," though there are no details on which actresses will appear on the show, what it would do with the characters, or even if it would return to HBO. All we know is that the unnamed producers and Sarah Jessica Parker want it to happen, which isn't surprising-- there's plenty of cash to be made there. But while a prequel is a bad idea, a blatant cash grab that adds nothing to the franchise, a seventh season of the show feels almost ghoulish after the ugly and bloated feature films we've already seen. A prequel is unnecessary and greedy; a seventh season just feels disrespectful. If I tell the producers to leave well enough alone for the hundredth time, do you think they might finally listen this time?
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