Spartacus: War Of The Damned Will Hit DVD And Blu-ray In September

Spartacus: War of the Damned is hitting Blu-ray and DVD on September 3, in a set that promises to be as jam-packed with action as it is with nudity. War of the Damned is actually the final installment in the Spartacus series, and if you are familiar at all with the Roman tale, you already know that the rebellion has gone on a long and twisted journey and in Season 3 (4 if you count the prequel), the group meets a formidable foe.

Spartacus and his main allies, including Crixus, Gannicus and Agron, are all an important part of the Blu-ray and DVD trailer, which highlights a few of the battle and fighting scenes that help make Spartacus such an addicting watch. More importantly, however, the ultimate chess game between Spartacus and Marcus Licinius Crassus is highlighted and it is their match-up that makes War of the Damned work when many integral characters from former seasons, like Lucretia and Batiatus, have all moved on. I kind of wish they had teased the “I am Spartacus” scene, but I guess I can’t have everything.

Since War of the Damned does mark the end of the series, it’s no surprise the set will be jam-packed with bonus features, and creator Steven S. DeKnight himself has spoken out to talk about the special set.

“The final season of Spartacus was an emotional journey for all involved and hopefully a satisfying conclusion for the fans. We wanted to make the Blu-ray and DVD release reflect our gratitude for their enthusiastic support. It's packed with bonus features, extended episodes and commentary tracks that add an extra, exciting dimension to the world of Spartacus.”

The set will run a little expensively, with Blu-ray copies costing $59.99 and DVD copies running at $49.98. However, the Blu-ray copies should be the better bet as those copies will come with some nicer extras the DVD copies will not have. If you are into extended episodes or audio commentaries, the Blu-ray set is definitely the one to purchase. You can check out the cover art and the full list of bonus features, below.


Spartacus DVD Bonus Features

  • “Spartacus: The Legend Retold”
  • “The Price Of Being A Gladiator”
  • “A Bloody Farewell”
  • “The Spoils Of War Revealed: Visual Effects”
  • “Adorning The Damned “
  • “The Mind Behind Spartacus

Spartacus Blu-ray Bonus Features

  • All of the DVD Extras
  • Extended Episodes
  • Audio Commentaries!
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