Supergirl: Apparently Even Melissa Benoist Doesn't Know Who's In The Rocket

The DC TV universe is growing even bigger as Supergirl prepares to make the network move from CBS to the CW, and a physical move from LA to Vancouver. We’re all eagerly awaiting to see how Supergirl will interact with The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, and the potential four-part crossover. However, we can’t forget that Kara has her own problems and mysteries to deal with, like the Kryptonian rocket that landed on Earth at the end of the season finale. We’ve got our own thoughts on who's in the rocket and what this means for the show, but it’d be nice to know what Supergirl star Melissa Benoist knows about it.


Melissa Benoist was at the recent CW Upfront event and she was asked by TVLine what she thought might be in the rocket. Benoist doesn’t give any details, and it looks like even she doesn’t know yet.

I have theories. I've heard some rumblings as to who it may be, but I'm not positive.

Whether this means the writers know and just haven’t shared that information with the cast, or that they haven’t figured it out yet is up for debate. Supergirl has been going through a transitional period, so it’s plausible that the writers haven’t nailed everything in Season Two down quite just yet. Or maybe Melissa Benoist is just being evasive and doesn’t want to ruin the mystery for everyone. Either way, we’re likely to find out more about the mystery rocket as we get closer to the Season Two premiere this fall.


TVLine also kept the questions rolling with Melissa Benoist, and asked if there would be more development on the Kara and James Olsen romance. Benoist apparently didn’t know the answer to that either, but she loves how awkward Kara is with relationships and hopes she’ll get to play around with that more in the future. If you ask her, though, that relationship isn’t the most important one in the show. That honor goes to Kara’s relationship with her sister Alex, played by Chyler Leigh, who Benoist describes as her real life “soul sister.”


You can watch the full interview below, where Melissa Benoist goes into more detail about moving to Vancouver and the chance of meeting lots of new heroes next season.


Supergirl will be returning in the fall at its new home on The CW. Thankfully, it’s keeping its normal timeslot at Mondays at 8 p.m. so get ready for four nights of DC TV shows all in the same continuity.

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