The Talk, CBS’ all female show in which five women sit around and well, talk, has added two new members to the panel Deadline reported today. With the options for both Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete not renewed, the show was in need of new blood, and perhaps they are actually looking to shed blood as well. The two replacements have just about nothing in common with Remini and Peete.

First up, it’s Kris Jenner, famous mainly for turning her three daughters into a socialite sideshow and micromanaging their alleged careers to pieces. That would be the Kardashian sisters, whose every move is non-stop tabloid fodder and as far as I can tell don’t actually do anything to speak of aside from pose a lot and get married in lavish style. The manager of all three Kardashians should have plenty of motherhood advice for the masses, such as how to make your daughter’s rear end famous.

Next up is Sheryl Underwood, a self-described “sexually progressive God-fearing black Republican”. Yes, you might have to read that a couple of times. Underwood currently appears on the radio on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and a stand-up comedian. I am sure her God-fearing Republican self will get along just fabulously with the Kardashian matriarch.

Staying on board for the show will be Sara Gilbert - The Talk is her brainchild – and Julie Chen. Sharon Osbourne will return for six episodes instead of leaving entirely. She and Jenner can exchange plastic surgery stories, or whatever it is rich useless people talk about. Oh wait – they can also talk about their rich, useless children! We can only hope for behind the scenes fireworks bigger than last season with these women.

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