At this point, it seems evident that there really isn't a shred of "normality" left in Bon Temps on True Blood. Last night's Season 6 premiere picked up immediately after the mayhem of Season 5's finale, which wasn't entirely unexpected. Given such a suspenseful cliffhanger, we were left waiting to see how Sookie, Eric and the others made it out of that place and what crazy blood-soaked newly reborn Vampire Bill would do with his new set of fangs. All the same, without a second's pause, there was no time for the dust to settle from last season, which makes me feel a little exhausted already. Then again, when it comes to momentum, I like a slow build leading into a big finish. But it's hard to complain about an exciting episode. Ok, maybe it's not hard, but it's a little ungrateful.

The above video shows us what's in store in the weeks ahead, indicating that things won't be slowing down anytime soon. Though, it begins with the sight of a lot of humans looking really unhappy. And that's followed up with Bill announcing that he plays by a different set of rules now, after Lilith says, "You think you still get to be Bill Compton?" That seems to imply that there's a bigger purpose to his return, which I don't think is a major reveal, but it's a fun little tease. This Bill has a purpose. But is it one he's going to be willing to carry out? Next is the Warlow tease. He's been watching over Sookie? Is he maybe not as bad as we're assuming he was because he supposedly killed Sookie's parents? Next up - the reveal that the vampires who've been taken are being studied and that the government or whoever it is that's on the human side of this war has developed some pretty snazzy weapons to fight vampires.

Jessica questions whether or not they deserve to survive. The wolves are growling. People are shooting. And this governor guy wants the extinction of the vampire race, which really just makes him sound like Hitler.

That's a lot to anticipate in the coming season, and it's pretty exciting. Maybe I was too quick to complain about the lack of a between-season lull. As for last night's episode, how about Sookie staking Bill? Kind of shows where she's at in the whole love triangle. Ok, so she rescinded Eric's invitation on her house, but let's face it, they totally made eyes at one another through the window. All signs point toward Sookie needing some space to not belong to anyone for a little while. And that's reasonable.

As for what's ahead in the immediate, here's the 36-second promo for this Sunday night's "The Sun."

True Blood airs Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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