Under The Dome Episode 9 Preview: The Fourth Hand

With just a handful of episodes of Under the Dome left for the series' first season, we're left to wonder what could possibly go wrong next! Judging by the latest preview, a fair guess would be more seizures, gun problems and a grenade. Things could get explosive.

Is collecting all of the guns in Chester's Mill a good idea? On one hand, there might be some constitutional gripes to be made there, but on the other hand, with five people dying by gunfire during last week's episode, it's not hard to see why those in charge might want to eliminate any future gun-related altercations. And on a third hand, where are they going to put all of the collected guns? That could be a recipe for disaster, or more literally, an extremely dangerous arsenal that someone with the wrong intentions could get access to.

Moving on to another bit that was teased in the preview, Angie has a seizure, complete with the "Pink stars are falling in lines" line. Last week's episode teased the importance of Angie, with the mysterious "monarch will be crowned" clue that Julia got from dome-Joe while visiting the little dome. There seems to be a butterfly twist happening here, and it's unclear whether it's Angie's tattoo alone that we were supposed to be focused on or the butterfly connection being tied to Angie in particular. That's one mystery that has yet to be solved.

Finally, it looks like Big Jim Rennie's found himself in a scary situation. There's a guy with a grenade talking about how the dome's already taken enough from him. Then he pulls the pin on the grenade. Now, here's the thing that's unclear to me. Jim screams "no" and dives at him. Did he think he could stop him? Or was it an act of heroism? Because throwing oneself onto a live grenade is something a hero would do. Of course in this case, it probably wouldn't do much good to the guy who pulled the pin, considering he'd be under the grenade when it went off. But maybe there are people nearby that Rennie was trying to save? Just some theories to throw out there. It's impossible to get a good read on Rennie. One minute, he's getting tanked and torching a guy, the next minute, he's on his knees and crying.

Speaking of Big Jim, he's mentioned in the episode's description, which notes that he and Barbie might have something (or someone) in common…

“The Fourth Hand” – Big Jim ( Dean Norris ) and Barbie discover their lives are more intertwined than they knew when a mysterious woman, Maxine, shows up unexpectedly in Chester’s Mill, on UNDER THE DOME, Monday, August 19 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Maxine is played by Justified and The Following's Natalie Zea. Check her out in the photo below:

Natalie Zea under the dome

When we learned that Zea was set to appear in Under the Dome, word was, her character had dry bad intentions. So it should be interesting to see how Maxine fits into the story.

It also looks like Barbie and Linda are going to be doing some snooping around…

Linda bookshelves

Barbie snooping

Is that a casket in Barbie's photo? What's going on there?

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