The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Hit DVD And Blu-ray In August

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season is hitting Blu-ray and DVD in 5-disc sets with numerous options for fans. We’re still a little while away from the August 27 release date for the series, but luckily we’ve already earned an official trailer for the set. To see what sort of action the third season gets into, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has put together a lengthy trailer for the AMC series, which highlights the walker-infested prison yard that could provide shelter for Rick and the gang, should they make it into the safer confines of the building. We only get to see snippets of pivotal moments in the new season, but the entire trailer serves to highlight how action-packed the season and the series as a whole has been.

Anchor Bay has always put a lot of effort into The Walking Dead sets. Because of this, it’s unsurprising that The Complete Season 3 will come jam-packed with extras. The network is being a little mysterious on the bonus features front at this point, but we do know that multiple featurettes will be available, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Several audio commentaries from the cast and crew and deleted scenes are also being promised, but the set will clearly offer more, as Anchor Bay noted in a press release that “more surprises” will be a part of the Blu-ray and DVD sets.

We may not know about all of the special features, but the most exciting news with concerning Season 3 is that Anchor Bay has opted again to produce a special, limited edition packaging that will be a nice complement to Season 2’s “zombie head” packaging that did very well with fans. If you don’t remember what that glorious pieces of packaging looked like, here’s a reminder. This time around, fans willing to shell out for a limited edition copy of the season will get a “zombie head tank." Blu-ray copies of The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season will run at $79.98 and DVD copies will cost fans $69.98, but you'll have to really, really love The Walking Dead to want to shell out for the badass “zombie head tank” edition, which is listed at $149.99. That sucker is pretty fabulous though and you can check it out, below.


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