Warehouse 13's Joanne Kelly Just Found Her Next Big TV Role

Joanne Kelly hasn’t had any major TV roles since Warehouse 13 ended on Syfy in 2014. The actress known for her sharp portrayal of Myka Bering on the quirky Syfy series has had brief gigs in The Returned and the TV movie Vox, but bigger roles have not been forthcoming since her former series ended. That is, until this week when Joanne Kelly was signed on to another science fiction drama. The actress will appear in CBS’ Zoo in a pretty big role. 

Zoo will premiere its second season this summer, and Joanne Kelly will be on board for the new episodes in a recurring role. The actress is set to play Allison, a woman who will have some background with Mitch on the show. (That’s Billy Burke’s character, if you can remember back that far to Season 1.) TV Line reports that Allison will also work for the Department of Defense as the Deputy Secretary. I have no idea how she ever crossed paths with Mitch, who is a Veterinarian Pathologist on the drama, but the two should have their work cut out for them during Season 2. 

While most of Season 1 of Zoo focused on the rise of oddly acting animals across the globe, the Season 1 finale hopped ahead some months to a world where the affected animals have encroached upon civilization. The team was attempting to find a cure for the mutations and to get that cure to the animal population, but they have faced many obstacles along the way, including meddling humans, dangers and more. 

The problems related to the mutation and the high-stakes environment in the series made Zoo a crowd pleaser during its first season. The survival thriller became the most-watched series of the summer, according to the network, and was promptly renewed for Season 2. It helped that CBS is in a rebuilding stage after both Extant and Under the Dome ended their runs last summer. This year, Zoo will hopefully help the network to launch new shows. 

As for Joanne Kelly, we hope her run on Zoo proves to be a lasting one. She won’t be the first Warehouse 13 actor to land another big gig, though. Shortly after Warehouse 13 ended, Allison Scagliotti landed a role on Stitchers. CCH Pounder hopped to NCIS: New Orleans. And Aaron Ashmore landed in Killjoys

If you’d like to check out Zoo when it returns to the schedule, you won’t have too much longer to wait. Season 2 will hit CBS’ schedule on Tuesday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. If you’d like to see what other new and returning TV programs are hitting the airwaves this summer, check out our summer TV premiere schedule

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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