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NBC's The Voice has been known for producing a variety of excellent singers as well as a few gimmicky ones, and this week fans of the show capably got both when Jubal Lee Young and Amanda Preslar competed on the hit series. After a performance that turned some chairs, a particularly delightful proposal came from Jubal Lee Young after he got down on one knee on NBC’s The Voice. Check it out!

In the video, the couple performs for the four Voice judges. After the performance, serendipity abounded onstage as the judges even noted the harmony between the singers that extended beyond their voices. Gwen Stefani even commented about the couple's special energy together just before Blake Shelton inquired after their marital state. The whole thing almost gives the impression that they were in on the secret, even going so far as to set Jubal Lee up for the big moment. By the time that Jubal Lee dropped down on one knee, however, it was clear enough that Stefani and Shelton were just as shocked as other judges Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine.If you'd like to skip the performance and go straight to the proposal, head to the 2:24 mark.

It’s hard to say who had the most adorable reaction--aside from the judges--but there’s no denying the proposal was a surprise. Even Jubal Lee seemed to be improvising, but he had the ring and was ready to go. With his family jumping up and down behind the scenes, the audience screaming, and Jubal Lee grinning ear to ear as he dropped down to one knee, it was an uplifting moment on a show that can sometimes be tough on contestants.

Thank goodness Amanda said yes!

the voice proposal

Jubal Lee may have had a difficult job of turning down such an opening to pop the question to Amanda, but it’s still a huge relief that their performance earned them praise on the show. There’s no denying that the happy couple really won twice in their appearance on The Voice. Especially considering how many people must have been watching.

Although ratings have dropped from Season 8 to Season 9, NBC still regularly draws in a healthy crowd for The Voice. Between the cast of contemporarily famous judges and the softer treatment of the contestants than over on Fox’s American Idol, The Voice has had a fairly wide appeal over the eight seasons that have aired in entirety thus far. It helps that the four current judges span multiple genres. Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine bring the pop background thanks to their successes as members of groups No Doubt and Maroon 5, respectively. Pharrell Williams covers hip hop and R&B, and Blake Shelton brings the country.

While newly the newly engaged couple’s rendition of The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road” had a distinctly country twang to it, all four of the judges were impressed by their performance. It was enough to win Jubal Lee and Amanda kind words overall and a future of being coached by Pharrell Williams. While they did turn down the offer for the marriage to occur on screen, they may be an even more formidable singing duo than ever as official spouses-to-be.

You can catch new episodes of The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET, only on NBC. In addition, here's what else is set to premiere this fall.

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