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This Dude's Creepy Halloween Proposal Is A+

The internet is full of all sorts of wild marriage proposals that go viral. Whether you’re surfing Facebook, flipping through Imgur, or even if you’re just surfing our archives here at Cinema Blend – there’s plenty of attention grabbing proposals that you could stumble upon without even trying. Yet there’s something about this particular proposal that caught our eyes. Maybe it’s because instead of using the typical romantic approach, our subject this time around used a different tactic: sheer terror.

In a world Yahoo covered the story of Alec Wells, a man who’s taken his girlfriend’s love of John Carpenter’s Halloween to heart. Alec’s girlfriend is Katherine Canipe, the host of Boys And Ghouls - a podcast dedicated to all things horror. Naturally, her favorite horror film is the 1978 classic and being the attentive partner that he is Alec arranged for Katherine to relive one of the most iconic scenes from her favorite movie. Wells summed up his motives thusly:

It seemed only natural — given that we live so close to the original filming locations — that her proposal come from Michael Myers himself!

You’ve got to hand it to Alec Wells: Not every woman – even a horror aficionado like Katherine – would react all too well to a masked maniac stalking her on the well-lit streets of their neighborhood. Yet Alec knew Katherine so well that he could gauge her reaction to the man of her nightmares proposing the ultimate lifelong commitment to her. And he went the extra mile to nail down every detail of the very first moment Michael Myers made himself first known to the world.

In a world full of viral internet proposals, Alec Wells most definitely distanced himself from the rest of the pack, and he did so with the utmost distinction. With Alec’s proposal in the social media history books, we just might start to see more of cinema’s famous boogeymen popping in to pop the question. Though as Alec and Katherine have reminded us with their Back To The Future engagement photos, horror isn’t the only out of the box genre you can use to make a splash with your special moment.

Congratulations to Alec and Katherine on their most extraordinary engagement, and may their future be a bright one! And if you happen to be friends or family to the happy couple, it’s probably a good idea to spring for the Halloween or Back To The Future collector’s sets as a wedding present. That is, if they don’t already have both sets in their collective collections.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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