We're Gonna See A Lot of Mike In Prison On Suits

USA Network’s high-stakes lawyer drama Suits ended on a pretty crazy note last season. Its main character, Mike (who doesn’t have a law degree), was sent to prison and the series left fans wondering when and if he was going to get out. The show would be pretty weird without its main character, so it was safe to assume that he’d be free almost immediately, but that might not be the case, because three actors were just cast as inmates in recurring roles.

Erik Palladino, Paul Schulze, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner are the actors that will join Season 6 of Suits as recurring characters. This seems to imply that Mike won’t be getting out of the hoosegow anytime soon. As to how the show will handle this is up for debate, but it seems the best option is that it will split its time between two stories: one with the guys in business suits and one with the guys in orange jumpsuits.

Erik Palladino

Erik Palladino, who you may know best as Dr.Dave Maluchi from ER, will be playing Kevin Miller, Mike’s fellow inmate. According to Deadline, Mike will be unsure whether Kevin can be trusted, but the two will eventually form a close friendship. With life in the big house, you need all the allies you can get.

Paul Schulze

Joining them behind bars is Frank Gallo (a pretty awesome prison guy name) played by Paul Schulze. Shulze is best known for playing Eddie Walzer, the hospital pharmacist from Nurse Jackie. Gallo will be a hardened inmate from his time behind bars, and he’ll be the first to introduce Mike to life in prison, lifting weights and smoking cigarettes.

Malcolm Jamal Warner

The final addition to the prison cast is Malcolm-Jamal Warner, whose most recent work includes a role on the crime drama American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. The veteran actor will not be another inmate, but will instead be a prison counselor, helping inmates in their rehabilitation and making it to the end of their sentences. He’ll have plenty of interactions with Mike, who’ll have to come to terms with the actions that led him to prison. You might also recognize Warner from his years on The Cosby Show as Theo Huxtable.

Suits is expected to premiere its sixth season on USA in mid-June 2016.

Matt Wood

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