A Camera Crew Was On Hand And Filming Before MTV Canceled One Of Its Reality Shows

The year 2022 not been kind on the TV cancellation front, and MTV is adding to that list. The music television network recently canceled the reality series Floribama Shore after four seasons, but that’s not even the kicker. A camera crew was actually on hand filming scenes for the fifth season, and one of the stars has proof.

Page Six reports that the cast and crew of the MTV series were only told about the cancellation just a few days ago, and it surprised them all. After news officially broke, star Nilsa Prowant shared some pictures on Instagram from her wedding to Gus Gazda last year, where the camera crew  clearly seems visible:

The wedding was evidently supposed to appear in the fifth season of the series, which was like Jersey Shore for a new generation, but despite the fact that it will no longer be airing, Prowant is still looking back on the beautiful day and the wonderful memories she has from it. It's not abnormal for reality shows to film stuff well in advance, but from the sounds of the latest report, the cast was still surprised about the cancellation given they'd filmed footage for Season 5. 

As of now, there isn't an announced reason why MTV canceled Floribama Shore, especially when a fifth season seemed to already have moved forward. While it’s not uncommon for a network or platform to reverse a renewal or cancellation, doing so after filming has been completed or in the midst of filming is rarer. 

The series initially premiered in 2017, and by Season 2, Floribama Shore was doing pretty well in the ratings. Similar to Jersey Shore, the Florida-based reality series follows a group of young adults living and partying on the Panhandle. It was also one of many whose production was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the filming of the fourth season. But what caused Season 5’s cancellation is not yet know.

Coincidentally, with the cancellation of Floribama Shore, MTV premiered the new reality series Buckhead Shore earlier this summer, set in Georgia, so there should still be shenanigans in the future on the network. 

While it’s a disappointment that Floribama Shore is no more, hopefully, fans will still get to see Nilsa Prowant and Gus Gazda’s special day in some form. Or perhaps the series will get another chance on Paramount+ or another platform, as cancellation reversals are not uncommon these days. 

In the meantime, check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else is premiering in the coming months to keep you occupied. I'm sure you can find a reality series in the meantime to get hooked on! 

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