After Death Of Son With Nick Cannon, Alyssa Scott Penned Heartbreaking Holiday Message About Grieving

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Talk show host Nick Cannon surprised viewers earlier this month when he opened an episode by revealing the very sad news that his youngest child, Zen Scott Cannon, had died over the previous weekend. In the weeks since, Cannon has continued to speak openly about grieving his 5-month-old son, and now Zen’s mother, model Alyssa Scott, has penned a heartbreaking holiday message about grieving.

It’s always incredibly difficult to lose any loved one, but many of us know that the death of a child, especially right before the holidays, would hit any parent especially hard. While Alyssa Scott did post a tribute to Zen a couple of weeks before Christmas, she also mourned the loss in a post to her Instagram Stories (via US Weekly) on the Thursday right before the holiday, with a photo of the crib in his bedroom, and said, in part:

Maybe you close the door to the nursery. Maybe you leave it open. Maybe you have boxed some things away — maybe you still fold and put them in the drawers. This is where I’m at. Walking by his room … sometimes going in. Washing some of his clothes but putting aside others that still have his scent. A pile is growing because I don’t know exactly what to do but I’m not rushing myself to a decision.

I’m sure that most people who’ve lost a loved one will recognize the sentiment that Scott expressed in her post. Moving on is always incredibly difficult, and it’s easy to understand her having different reactions to her son’s belongings at different times. The good thing is that Scott knows she will have to give herself the space and time to figure out what’s best as she continues to grieve, so she’s being gentle with herself, and simply doing whatever feels right at any given moment.

It was just a few days ago that Nick Cannon revealed that his oldest child, 10-year-old Monroe (whom he shares with pop superstar Mariah Carey), has been helping him deal with their terrible loss by being “wise beyond her years” and “my best therapist.” Cannon noted that the young girl has been asking “really strong and powerful questions” that have helped him “keep it strong” as he deals with his sadness. 

Scott also put a spotlight on the onesie she’d bought for Zen, so that he could celebrate his first Christmas, saying that she was “so excited” for him to wear it that she’s “had it laying out since Thanksgiving.” While Scott surely has the support of Nick Cannon and the rest of her family and friends at this time, she also noted how grateful she is to have gotten a number of lovely messages from her followers, and sent some kind words to others who are grieving during this holiday season:

I am thinking of all who are grieving this holiday season. I am also reading your messages and keeping them close to me during this time. Love ❤️.

It’s good that Alyssa Scott has been able to take some comfort in those well wishes as she mourns Zen, and hopefully she can continue to acknowledge that she’ll need to take things slowly as she grieves.

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