Mariah Carey Claps Back At The Idea Nick Cannon's Other Kids Are 'Step' Siblings With Her Kids

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon once shared a union in marriage and have two children together, but apparently, their children’s connection to Cannon’s larger family ends there. At least, that’s what Mariah Carey indicated in a recent interview, as she seemingly clapped back at the idea Nick Cannon’s other kids are ‘step’ siblings with their shared children. 

The pop singer recently spoke to ET about her upcoming special Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues on Apple TV+, and the topic shifted to Mariah Carey’s ex-Nick Cannon and his increasingly growing family. Kevin Frazier asked if any of their stepbrothers or stepsisters will celebrate Christmas the way she does, and Carey cut off the question pretty quickly.

Is it step? I don’t think it’s step if you’re not married to the person. I don’t know about that. That’s a different–that’s a different interview for you.

The interview quickly shifted, so there wasn’t much time for a follow-up to really drill down on what Mariah Carey meant. It seemed pretty clear Carey was not interested in the line of questioning and possibly the idea that she and Nick Cannon’s kids share a sibling-oriented connection with her ex’s other children.

Another possibility is that Mariah Carey merely pointed out that Nick Cannon’s children outside their marriage are not her children, so, therefore, cannot be her stepchildren. That’s technically correct, though the fact Carey snapped about it and shot down the line of questioning made it feel like a sensitive subject. You can see the moment play out below. 

Mariah Carey’s interview is making rounds partly because the singer has never kept her opinions quiet in regard to certain topics. Carey is more than willing to call out other celebrities or air out grievances during interviews, so it’s not a shock she'd open up here. Again though, it’s hard to assume too much about the quick clap back simply because the exchange started and ended so quickly. 

The reason behind this question was mainly tied to astonishing number of children Nick Cannon has fathered in recent years. Cannon currently has seven children with four women, Mariah Carey being the mother to his twins, Moroccan Scott and Monroe. 

Even though this moment was a personal one, it’s fitting that Mariah Carey is back in the news around the holidays, as she’s more or less a pop-culture staple during Christmas-time. Her upcoming Apple TV+ special Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues will likely solidify that further, with special appearances from musical artists Khalid and Kirk Franklin. Based on Carey’s comments, I think it’s a safe bet Nick Cannon and his additional children outside of their shared twins will not be featured, though I’m sure no one would have expected that to happen. 

Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, December 3rd. Those that are looking to really go all-in on the holidays as soon as December hits will enjoy that, regardless of Carey’s thoughts on her children.

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