After iCarly Vet Jennette McCurdy Revealed Controversial Memoir Title, Fans Showed Plenty Of Support

Jennette McCurdy became a familiar face to a generation of kids everywhere when she appeared as Sam Puckett on iCarly, and then later on spinoff Sam & Cat with future pop superstar Ariana Grande. What viewers couldn’t know at the time was that she was struggling behind the scenes with her personal life and relationships, but the actress has spoken out about what she went through in the years since. Now, she has a memoir on the way before the end of the year with the controversial title of I’m Glad My Mom Died, and fans had plenty of support for her. 

The former actress announced the forthcoming arrival of her memoir on April 4, revealing on Twitter that she “laughed and cried a lot while writing it” and is “proud of what it’s become.” The book will share her struggles with eating disorders, addiction, and – as you might expect from the title – her complicated relationship with her mother, who was the driving force behind her career until her death. I’m Glad My Mom Died was also the name of Jennette McCurdy’s one-woman show back in 2020. 

In light of Jennette McCurdy’s announcement and the reveal of what the book will cover, fans took to social media to show their support for her:

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Jennette McCurdy has been opening up about her struggles more and more over recent years, including sharing why she is "ashamed" of her Nickelodeon past, and she declined to return for the Paramount+ reboot of iCarly, which returns for Season 2 (with some major questions to answer) on April 8. Although some on social media are still hoping for her to reprise her role as Sam despite how the revival explained her absence, more are excited for her telling her story with her memoir. As @nikkicresswell5 said, 

Definitely going to be buying this. I'm glad you've found your voice for your younger self. I feel that a lot.

Although I'm Glad My Mom Died won't be released until August, Jennette McCurdy made it clear in her announcement that it was an emotional journey to write the memoir. That wasn't overlooked by fans who took the opportunity on social media to congratulate her on the project, with @franklinsamuel_ saying:

You literally gave of yourself to write this book, congratulations, may you have success and peace

The consensus on social media seems to be wishing "success and peace" for Jenette McCurdy, even if not always with those specific words. And in fact, some people are even specifically praising the title of the memoir. Although I'm Glad My Mom Died isn't the most conventional name for a memoir, it says a lot about the story that she's going to tell. 

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The buzz around the title of I'm Glad My Mom Died has even reached people who aren't familiar with her as an actress from her iCarly days, and presumably haven't been watching the revival (featuring some other OG stars) with a Paramount+ subscription. It elicited some strongly-worded reactions, but again, largely of support for her:

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Fans of Jennette McCurdy from her iCarly days as well as those simply interested in what she has to say can preorder their copies of I'm Glad My Mom Died now, with the official release coming on August 9, 2022. Hopefully the former actress spreading her story will help others as well as engage them, as the description of the book dubs it a "heartbreaking and hilarious memoir."

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