After Rumors Swirled Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Could Be Splitting, She Got Flirty With Her Husband

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If there is one true pastime across the world which doesn’t involve the use of sports balls and manages to blast right through any potential cultural barriers, it is speculation over the romantic lives of the rich and famous. We love to talk about who might be dating, marrying, and / or divorcing, and after a whirlwind courtship and lavish wedding, rumors of the latter have now hit Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. But, after such talk of a split began, Chopra found time to get mighty flirty with her husband online.

Now, while we’ve talked before about how Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas seem to spend very little time together, even for a super-busy actress / pop star mega-couple, there haven’t been major rumors about them potentially splitting until just recently. And, after fans began to speculate on the state of their marriage last week, Chopra decided to get her Instagram flirt on after Jonas posted a short video of himself working on his arm strength. Let’s take a look at his post, and then put a spotlight on Chopra’s response:

OK, so, nice job Jonas. He’s got those guns workin’ and veins poppin.’ Plenty of fans loved the look of what the sometime The Voice coach had going on, and even though we’ve certainly seen other celebs working out with much heavier weights and giving us much bigger biceps, no one is going to complain about his efforts here. That includes his wife of nearly three years, and Chopra left this flirty comment on his post:

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Well, it would seem that Priyanka Chopra is still a big fan of what Nick Jonas is throwing down. I mean, just look at those emojis! So, how did rumors of an impending split even get started for these two? The answer is actually easy to see in the above comment, as Chopra dropped the Jonas part of her surname just last week.

After the duo married in a three-day wedding celebration, which took place during the first weekend of December in 2018, fans saw the Quantico star (who will be seen in The Matrix Resurrections soon), add her new husband’s name to hers professionally, and on all her social media. But, just last week, her sharp-eyed followers noticed that she removed the name without making any mention of why. This, of course, led many people to think that a divorce announcement must be imminent. 

It was just early this month that Jonas and Chopra celebrated Diwali together, and Chopra took to Instagram to reflect on both their first celebration of the holiday in their “first home together,” and Jonas as “the best husband and partner,” but many fans who live for the intricacies of the romantic lives of superstars are unlikely to take either that, or her recent comment, as a sign that all is well.

The truth, as we know by now, is that if Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are having trouble, they don’t have to tell anyone if they don’t want to. She could have easily decided to drop her married name for a professional reason that has nothing to do with the state of their union. This means that it would probably be a good idea for all of us to just wait and see what happens, and to continue to wish them the best, regardless of their relationship status. 

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