How Nick Jonas And Kelly Clarkson Really Feel About All That Ribbing Between Coaches On The Voice

Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas in The Voice

One of the appeals to NBC’s The Voice is that the coaches have some interesting chemistry with one another, and two celebrities who have worked on the show even tied the knot recently. Coaches on the singing talent show tend to have a somewhat harsh sense of humor with one another, creating a friendly roast type of atmosphere for those sitting in one of the big, red swiveling coaches’ chairs. Two of the celebrities who have sat in the coach chair on The Voice, Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson, open up about how they really feel about all the ribbing that goes on during The Voice.

Nick Jonas sat down with Kelly Clarkson on her own The Kelly Clarkson Show and they chatted about their experience working on The Voice. Apparently all the smack talk and slight digs don’t bother Clarkson at all, as she says she is pretty hard to offend. Here it is in her own words:

It takes an awful lot to offend me. And usually if people are offensive but they’re funny, I’m like, well points.

Kelly Clarkson has been on the show since Season 14; compared to her, Nick Jonas is a total newbie. His first season was Season 18 and he returned for Season 20, taking a one-season break in between. He may not be so used to the jokes that are slung from coach to coach on the show, because he responds to Clarkson’s experience with the jokes with his own, and it would seem he is a little more easily rattled than the more experienced artist. Here’s what Jonas says about the sometimes hurtful zingers:

There have been a few things, times where it was like, that stung a bit too much.

Nick Jonas most likely knows that what is said on The Voice is typically all in good fun, although Kelly Clarkson says she’ll give him an apology hug later for any harm she may have caused during their time together on the show. Even so, it’s possible the jokes are just too much for Jonas, because he will not be returning for the next season. Instead, Arianna Grande will be on the coaches panel in Season 21.

Maybe it was the lack of sympathy he got for his hospital visit that is keeping him from sitting in that coach chair for The Voice. More likely, though, it is due to a conflict with another project. At least, that is most likely what happened with his Season 19 absence, as he had quite a lot going on the past couple years, including a part alongside Tom Holland in Chaos Walking.

As for Kelly Clarkson, her tolerance for questionable humor and trash talk holds up as she is returning as a coach for Season 21 this September. You’ll be able to tune into all the coaches and their roasts via NBC or by live streaming on Peacock.

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