Ahead Of Her SNL Hosting Debut, Lizzo Opens Up About The Aspect Of The Gig That Makes Her ‘Nervous’

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Following Kim Kardashian’s first-time stint on Saturday Night Live back in October, a lot has been said about who does or doesn’t qualify to headline the sketch comedy show. Lizzo’s imminent debut as host tonight isn’t getting much scrutiny on that front – most likely because her online comedic talents proceed her just as much as her singing and flute talents. However, the Grammy winner opened up about the aspect of the SNL gig that does actually make her feel “nervous.”

Lizzo will be doubling as both host and musical guest, with only the latter being her second time to do so. (She performed “Truth Hurts” and her other hits during Eddie Murphy’s return as SNL host back in 2019.) So it’s not the musical performances that have her worried, that’s for sure. Speaking on SiriusXM, the 33-year-old shared that “corpsing,” or breaking character, in front of the comedy vets could be an issue. She said:

You know, what I'm most nervous of is laughing. I gotta do at least one sketch where I'm in character. I'm such a smiley, laughy bitch. Like, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to take anybody serious. Like Kate McKinnon looking at me like, how can you keep a straight face?

Kate McKinnon has indeed brought back her notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression to SNL recently – so I’d be worried about accidentally laughing on live television, too. But Lizzo will be in good company, considering how they all have broken down with chuckles or snickers at some point in their scenes. Bill Hader and Jimmy Fallon are more widely known for corpsing, in fact, than for actually staying in their roles. (For proof, watch this hilarious montage of the SNL cast members doing so over the years.)

Regardless, I believe the Hustlers actress will make a big splash as she always does. Not only did she slay the Season 14 premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race back in January, she also unquestionably won last Halloween outright with her Baby Yoda costume. There’s a sketch idea right there for you, Saturday Night Live writers. When asked whether those same writers kept her in-the-know about their plans for her, the singer stated:

I'm gonna tell you something. Yes. And also I have so much respect for the people at SNL cause these mother fuckers work hard. It's a lot of work they put in. I mean, they write so many sketches every single week, sketches that you never even see. But I feel like I'm in good hands too. 'Cause they're all very funny people I'm like, ‘Make me funny.’

SNL certainly has a ton of material to work with when it comes to Lizzo’s hosting debut sketches. Just imagine seasoned host Melissa McCarthy being invited back to 30 Rock for the night, just to do some kind of Ursula face-off with the freshman star. (ICYMI, Lizzo had been vying for McCarthy's villain role in the live-action The Little Mermaid, and lost.) But I'd settle for a reference to Ass Crack Summer or the singer finally having Chris Evans’ baby like she's always wanted. Which, if they get Captain America himself to play along in that bit, it would be the greatest thing ever. Ever.

Several newbie SNL hosts have taken the reins in Season 47, including Rami Malek, Kim Kardashian, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Majors, and others. Tune into ABC tonight at 11:30 p.m. EST to see how if Lizzo still has the "Juice." Just don't crack!

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