All American Star Bre-Z Shares How Emotionally Affected Fans Have Been Over Coop's Storyline

Bre-Z as Coop in All American
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The fourth season of The CW’s football drama All American kicked off with a continuation of the Season 3 finale, which ended with the fates of multiple characters unknown. When Bre-Z’s Coop got shot, it was hard to tell whether or not this would be the end of Spencer’s best friend. Fans were shattered. 

Although Coop is fine physically, she is far from it mentally, which isn’t surprising. While Coop is recovering, so are the fans. And Bre-Z, who portrays the up-and-coming rapper, spoke to EW about her character’s journey following the events of Season 3 and how emotionally affected the fans have been:

Yeah. It was very emotional. And I think it was so emotional for our audience. It got to a point where I just had to stay off of social media and off of my Twitter and stuff, because people were really bent out of shape about it, you know? And I didn't have anything to tell anybody. I was even seeing people in the mall, a lady came up to me and she just was crying. I'm realizing like, wow, this show really touches people. People are really invested here and especially in my character.

Although having such a heartbreaking storyline can at times be rough, it looks like it only made fans love Coop even more. Not only did Bre-Z see people freaking out over it on social media, but she was able to see people at random places and see just how much her character and the series have impacted people. 

Meanwhile, as Bre-Z sees the impact Coop has on people, she’s a little intimidated by it. Knowing how her character affects fans emotionally is giving her an even bigger job to do:

And it puts a little pressure on me, like, okay, girl, you got to perform now. You know what I mean? They are waiting to see what's going to happen with you.

Coop is still recovering from getting shot. Now that she’s officially left Layla’s label due to her lack of commitment to music, she has to figure out where to go from there. She went through something so traumatic that it’s bound to take a while before she’s both mentally and physically back on her feet. 

How Coop gets back on her feet is something that will likely be shown throughout Season 4 of All American. It will be nice to see just how she pushes through her new life and what it could mean for her moving forward since she was really starting to get into music. If she can’t get back into that, what else does she have?

New episodes of All American air on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW!

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