Baywatch And The Last Dance Star Carmen Electra Shares One Thing She Loves About Working On OnlyFans

Carmen Electra in red swimsuit in clip from Baywatch.
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Carmen Electra made a name for herself when she starred on Baywatch and wore the iconic red swimsuit that is still in the pop culture lexicon years later. More recently, though, she became a prominent topic once more when she appeared in The Last Dance and had seemed to age very little. With the newfound notice, Ms. Electra took herself to OnlyFans and now is making a killing on the platform; she recently opened up about why she “loves” the work. 

OnlyFans is a content creation platform that has helped loads of celebrities make an extra buck or – more accurately – millions of bucks. While the former Baywatch star hasn’t been open about how much money she’s made on the platform thus far, there is one thing she’s absolutely loving about the gig, with the TV star noting, “there's no one telling you what to do; I'm my own boss.” 

She also opened up about the creative freedoms she feels the platform has allowed h

What I realized is that OnlyFans is a safe place where you can be your own creator. I have become my own creative director, my own stylist, my own visionary. You're one-on-one with the fans, so they can do requests, and I love it. It can be really, really fun. And I’ve had a blast creating photos, getting videos, and just allowing my fans to follow me wherever I go on these journeys in my life. That’s exactly what I wanted to do.

In general, OnlyFans has been a place known for nudity –see former Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey’s profile – and curiosities – see a 90 Day Fiancé star selling fart jars for cash. But from what Carmen Electra shared with Fox News, the platform has given her major boss lady mojo, and has allowed her to be a curator of her own brand and content in a way she hasn’t really been able to explore before as a model or actress. It makes sense, too, as we know Carmen Electra searches went up after her viral The Last Dance appearance.

A subscription to the TV star's OnlyFans account is currently free; regardless, for VIP access, Ms. Electra requests a $150 tip. This is a bit of a different model than some other celebrities, including Bella Thorne, who have charged fans to view activity month-to-month.  

So, how did she get into this space? It's actually pretty simple, according to the Baywatch star. Over the course of her career, people have made suggestions about her next move, but in the case of OnlyFans all of the stars aligned. She also said: 

It's a common thing that's happened to me throughout my career. I mean, I'm talking in the very beginning. I remember I would go to the mall here in LA, and I would just go walking around the mall. I didn't have enough money to buy anything, but I would look in the store and people would walk up to me and say, 'Are you an actress? Are you a model?' And they would ask me the same things and would say, 'You should get into acting!' Or 'You should do this, do that, and I think with OnlyFans, I heard about it multiple times to the point where I decided to look into it.

For a time, Carmen Electra would appear in an acting project here or there, but her last appearance in that sort of gig came in 2018. The fandom's interest was reignited in the 50-year-old star after an appearance in the Michael Jordon documentary in 2020, already the time OnlyFans was gaining in popularity (thanks to Beyoncé). The rest, as they say, is history. 

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