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After Stunning On The Last Dance, Carmen Electra Has A Thought About Joining A Reality TV Franchise

Carmen Electra on The Last Dance
(Image credit: ESPN)

Without a doubt, Carmen Electra has run the gamut of entertainment avenues in her 30-plus year career. She posed for Playboy magazine many times, became a sex symbol icon through her stint on the original Baywatch series and tread the path of several notable parody and disaster films. More recently, though, the 49-year-old actress made waves with her talking head appearance on the already-splashy ESPN docuseries, The Last Dance. Now, there's been a suggestion that Electra should perhaps add one specific reality TV franchise (known to spill a little tea) to her extensive resume. And not-so-surprisingly, she has a very succinct take on that, too.

If you haven't guessed it already, the reality TV franchise in question is none other than the Real Housewives, which has brought into the fold several celebrity institutions like Denise Richards and Garcelle Beauvais in recent years. A Bravo fan in fact tracked down some old photos of Beauvais with Carmen Electra, spanning from their modeling heydays to the present. They proposed that the Scary Movie actress should be brought into the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a “friend of the show,” namely as Beauvais’ colleague. Funnily enough, Carmen Electra responded to the post herself, saying that it “would befunnnn.” See the pitch and Electra’s reaction here:

That casting choice would be interesting, indeed. Her Last Dance interview alone showed just how much tea the actress can bring to Bravo's table. In the documentary chronicling Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, specifically their last season championship run during the '90s, the seemingly ageless starlet dished a lot about her former husband Dennis Rodman and what exactly happened during his notorious disappearance in the lead-up to the 1998 NBA Finals.

Just imagine the stories and drama Carmen Electra could get up to with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Castmates are expected to talk about their notable histories, so one would think The Last Dance wouldn't be the last word on her tumultuous relationship with Dennis Rodman. As fans will remember from Denise Richards’ two-season tenure on the reality show, the Bold and the Beautiful star shared a lot more about her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, than was previously known (including how he once brought hookers home for the holidays...)

Unfortunately, though, the scheme to get the Epic Movie alum onboard with reality TV drama will have to be tabled – for now. The RHOBH has already started filming Season 12, with the same cast from last year. The show will pick up immediately on Dorit Kemsley’s scary home invasion incident, as well as the latest on Erika Jayne’s legal troubles.

But there's still hope for Season 13 of Beverly Hills. And hey, who knows? Maybe Denise Richards will really decide to make a third season comeback, like Garcelle Beauvais has hinted at. In which case, Bravo may want to rename the franchise spinoff -- Real Housewives of the 1990s, anyone?

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