Below Deck Med's Lexi Wilson Reacts Strongly To Her Co-Stars' Revelations From The Reunion

A lot of drama went down this season on Below Deck: Mediterranean, and a lot of it had to do with stewardess Lexi Wilson. There was the infamous hot tub blowup first, with Wilson getting physical with crewmates and yelling obscenities. Then there was the crew day off later on where, after a lot of needling from Mathew Shea, Wilson used some derogatory language that got her fired from the boat. She might have been gone, but she was certainly not forgotten at the reunion special that she declined to attend. Her co-stars had a lot of revelations to share and Wilson, per usual, didn't hold back with her reaction.

The most shocking revelations from the Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 6 reunion on October 18 came from chief stew Katie Flood and bosun Mzi Dempers. Flood told Andy Cohen that Lexi Wilson's first blowup was actually a lot more violent than what was shown and that producers had to step in to stop her. Similarly, Dempers shed light on Wilson strangely calling him “Afrikaans” during her blowup. He claimed that Wilson was later saying on her Instagram that he “wanted to be white” and doesn't "support Black people." When asked about the reunion on her Instagram stories recently, Wilson wrote (via Reality Blurb),

It’s laughable! Katie really wanted her 2 mins of fame extended. I swear these ‘Z’ list wannabe celebs let alot of things go to their heads.

Lexi Wilson has been very vocal in her opinion that the cast and crew have unfairly made her out to be the villain this season. (Hence why she “firmly” refused to be at the reunion.) However, Below Deck: Mediterranean alum Malia White indicated at the reunion that Wilson’s edit was actually pretty forgiving in light of everything that apparently wasn't shown. In response, Wilson slammed White during her Instagram Q&A, saying,

Malia ‘Maritime Law’ is an insider for production, she [intentionally] and maliciously tries to get information about crew and influence them to drink, anything to stay on their good side and stay on TV.

Malia White is no stranger to facing criticisms during her five seasons of Below Deck: Mediterranean. Lexi Wilson has in fact alleged in the past that White only pretended to care about the death of her father when they were bunkmates in order to make herself seem better on the show. Also last season, White got a huge backlash for reporting Hannah Ferrier to Captain Sandy for undeclared drugs onboard and getting her fired, which she only has some slight regrets about now.

At Season 6’s reunion, though, there were apparently many regrets to go around. Captain Sandy echoed her previous statements. Despite Mathew Shea having feuded with Lexi Wilson all season, he refused to speak on his former coworker who “wasn't there to defend herself.” Nevertheless, Shea had plenty of excuses for his own behavior and actually claimed that Captain Sandy was “the worst captain” he's ever worked with.

And so the drama continues. Still, it's not looking very likely that Lexi Wilson will be asked or volunteer to do Below Deck: Mediterranean again. In an Instagram post, the ousted stewardess said, “So Glad it’s over on to the next project.” Probably Mathew Shea won't be getting another free pass from Captain Sandy again, either.

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