Big Brother 24 Has Two Wild Potential Showmances Brewing, But Will They Actually Happen?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Monday, July 18th. Read at your own risk!

At this point, showmances have pretty much become inevitable elements of a Big Brother game. Houseguests isolate together for months, so it’s only natural that at least two of them might begin to catch feelings for one another. Viewers really haven't seen any love connections amongst Season 24 cast at this point in the competition (Check out our guide featuring 24's house events). However, it sounds like something might finally be brewing. In fact, there may be two wild potential hookups on the docket, but will they actually happen? 

Big Brother fans like to keep an eye on these relationships because they can ultimately have a massive impact on the game. Now, it’s looking like two pairs might shake up the house dynamic, and they could even benefit the games of the players involved. Let's dive in, and explore what's going and what it may mean. 

Daniel Durston and Taylor Hale on Big Brother on CBS

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Taylor Hale Revealed That She Has A Crush On Daniel Durston

Thanks to an alcohol delivery, the Houseguests were chattier than usual on Sunday night and, ultimately, Taylor Hale admitting that she has a little crush on Daniel Durston. Taylor noted that she mainly wanted to make out with him but, as the conversation went on, things got a little more graphic. Taylor revealed that Daniel brought his own condoms to the house because the ones provided don’t fit him: 

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Taylor later ran into Daniel later while he was in the shower, but nothing went down beyond a little casual flirting. With that said, the two would make a real power couple in the game and maybe even cause other Houseguests to stop treating Taylor so poorly. The downside is that it may also cause even more people to target her, as showmances are often viewed as obvious duo alliances. Daniel revealed during his first Head of Household on Season 24 that he’s a Big Brother superfan, meaning that he likely knows all of this. So said knowledge may impact his decision should Taylor approach him. 

Alyssa and Kyle on Big Brother on CBS

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A Romance May Be Brewing Between Alyssa Snider and Kyle Capener

Alyssa Snider was the next person to spill a secret, as she shared that she has a thing for Kyle Capener. Alyssa and Kyle talk frequently in the house, though neither has explicitly talked about any romantic feelings. With that said, they already have a partnership formed in terms of sharing game talk, so it’s certainly possible it could develop into something more if either allows it to. 

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Will These Big Brother Romances Actually Happen?

Big Brother Season 24 might be chaotic due to its soft resets and potential cheating controversies, but one thing we can say about it is that it’s filled with Houseguests that know the game. It seems that knowledge may prevent Kyle from linking up with Alyssa in any romantic way, as the feeds caught him explaining to Monte Taylor why he might not pursue it: 

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Entering a romance can definitely be detrimental, though it also has its benefits. Having at least one person you know will absolutely protect you in the house is a big advantage, and I think there’s a chance we’ll see Alyssa and Kyle enter a showmance in another week or two if they’re still in the house together. 

Taylor and Daniel could make an effective couple, though her current position in the house, even with that major second chance, might prevent it from happening. She’s been on the block two weeks in a row now, and even if she survives this coming eviction, it’s too easy for the next HOH to throw her right back up there for the third week. Daniel might keep his distance to ensure he’s not sitting up on the block right alongside her and potentially becomes someone who goes home over a showmance. We don’t have a crystal ball, though, so you'll ultimately just have to keep watching the live feeds with you Paramount+ subscriptions to see what happens. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see if Cupid’s arrow strikes any of the Houseguests in the coming days, and if it shakes up the house in any way. 

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