Big Brother Season 24: 4 Big Reveals That Have Us Hyped Up Going Into The Live Premiere

Julie Chen Moonves on the Big Brother logo on CBS
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Big Brother Season 24 is almost here, which means fans will soon no longer need to try and interpret Julie Chen Moonves' cryptic posts on social media. (Of course, they'll need to ensure that their Paramount+ subscriptions are up to date, though.) Now, additional details on the new season have dropped just a day before the premiere and, after what I've just learned, I’m hyped up heading into the live 90-minute season premiere

As it turns out, there’s a lot to look forward to beyond the game’s upcoming mid-century Palm Springs motel theme. So let’s break down some of the big details as we prepare for a summer that'll be chock full of analyzing gameplay and live-feed footage.

The New Season Will Include Never-Before-Seen Challenges

What might be the most surprising news here is that Big Brother Season 24 will feature “never-before-seen” challenges as part of an ongoing theme this season has dubbed “BB Fest.” I’m sure some classic challenges like OTEV and BB Comics are still planned for the proceedings, but it’ll be interesting to see what new competitions surface (provided they’re good and not as bad as All-Stars' luxury comp). I'm also curious as to whether any popular challenges from other iterations of BB from around the world will come into play. I still have my heart set on the “White Room” appearing in the U.S. version of the game and won’t stop advocating for its arrival until it is!

The Audience Will Influence The Game On Premiere Night

The long-running series occasionally utilizes its audience and allows them to impact the game through voting, and it looks like fans will get a chance to do that starting on premiere night. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote on an aspect of the game at some point on the day of the 90-minute premiere, and it’s possible that it may not be a one-time thing. There are very few details on this at the moment but, hopefully, this means that fans will be able to select “America’s Player” once again. 

There's A New Twist To "Send Houseguests Scrambling"

Big Brother is a game of twists, and Season 24 will be no exception. The official release for the new season teases that there's a twist that will “send Houseguests scrambling,” though it’s not specified how. One thing Julie Chan Moonves told US Weekly was that this change involves eviction night, and she added that the people who are going home might not be the people the audience assumes. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that, but maybe it’s something similar to Season 21’s Camp Comeback, where the evicted Houseguests like Ovi Kabir remained in the house up to a certain point. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

The Season Will Feature An Older Group Of Houseguests

The cast list for the new season of Big Brother is out, and viewers might notice that it’s going to feature older contestants. 3/4ths of the house's occupants is over the age of twenty-five, and six of those HouseGuests are over the age of thirty. The oldest member is forty-seven-year-old bus driver Terrance Higgins, and twenty-two-year-old interior designer Paloma Aguilar is the youngest. Of course, age doesn’t always equal maturity when it comes to reality television, so this could a very interesting combination of contestants. I'm excited to see how they compete and how these other cool reveals affect the season. 

Big Brother Season 24 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, July 6th, at 8 p.m. ET as part of the 2022 TV schedule.

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