Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney New TV Show Drops Surprisingly Emotional Trailer, And Of Course There Are Deadpool References

When one thinks about Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia genius Rob McElhenney getting together for a new TV show, it presumably sparks visions of ribald jokes, more than a few cringe-worthy moments, and an ample amount of body-related humor. But that’s not at all what’s on display in the first trailer for their upcoming FX series Welcome to Wrexham, which focuses on the duo’s journey after they co-purchased a UK soccer club. Rather, this project is infused with a lot of heart and good natured joy…and a couple of Deadpool references, natch.

As seen in the trailer above, Welcome to Wrexham is something of a Cinderella story, in the sense of it being an underdog story, and not about Ryan Reynolds trying to find the owner of a glass soccer cleat. It’s about a small working-class town where hopes and dreams are tied to the local soccer team, for better or worse. And it’s usually worse, as the team is known to struggle through its seasons at times. But is all the team needed really just a pair of American goons crashing the party with a total lack of expertise? Maybe so, maybe so. 

If anyone thought this project was going to be more of a light-hearted lark for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, that’s definitely not the case. While the trailer does have some laughs, it clearly shows that this was an earnest passion project for the duo. Even if, as they put it in the amusing exchange noted below, they didn’t have any tangible ties to the club itself. 

  • Fan: What was the connection between you and Wrexham football club?
  • Rob: We had no direct connection. It was just a feeling.
  • Fan: What me and my dad thought was, because Wrexham is red, and Deadpool’s red…
  • Ryan: That’s the real reason, sorry.

To be sure, I’m certain there have been decisions made in the sports world that were based on weaker things than “Deadpool and Wrexham sharing a prime color.” And in any case, that kid and his dad probably weren’t the only Wrexham spectators who were enthused by the team’s tangential connection to the Merc with the Mouth, as evidenced by the cosplaying fan below.

Fan in Deadpool costume on Welcome to Wrexham

(Image credit: FX)

Even knowing I’d be disappointed, I couldn’t block the feeling that It’s Always Sunny’s Charlie was going to pop up in the background in his signature Green Man suit. It didn’t happen, of course, possibly because it’s not as depraved an act as the gang is used to. Deadpool should totally join that cast one day.

Nothing depraved about the trailer, though, which has the feel of a family-friendly sports movie. Like The Sandlot, but with multi-millionaires. But even the cynicism usually attached to celebrity brand ownership is set aside here, since McElhenney and Reynolds' purchase was more of a passion project than anything based on financial gains. Which might seem obvious, given how few billionaires claim buying 5th Tier soccer clubs was the ticket to the top. 

But even beyond their own personal enthusiasm for the Red Dragons, I have to think a big part of Welcome to Wrexham's draw will be watching the players and the town's residents grow more passionate themselves as the collective confidence grows due to Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds' involvement. Assuming that it all doesn't blow up in everyone's faces, of course, but I don't foresee a lot of heartbreak in the show's future. 

Check out the poster for Welcome to Wrexham, which amusingly alters the names of its two stars to match up with the town moniker.

Welcome to Wrexham show poster with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

(Image credit: FX)

As fans await the long-gestating Deadpool 3 and the third season of the acclaimed Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest, Welcome to Wrexham will make its debut on FX on Wednesday, August 24, at 10:00 p.m, with episodes also being available for anyone with a Hulu subscription. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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