Ryan Reynolds Gets Honest About Why He And Blake Lively Troll Each Other All The Time

At this point, it's pretty typical to see Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, troll each other online, much to the delight of fans across social media. Lively never hesitates to roast her movie star husband and has done so by getting an ESPN+ account to laugh at his pain and delivering a funny take on The Adam Project's streaming numbers. Of course, she can take it as much as she dishes it, as Reynolds takes jabs at his wife over her baking skills. The Hollywood couple really does go back and forth, teasing each other over a fan’s tattoo of Reynolds or sending jokey love messages on Valentine’s Day. With all of this in mind, Reynolds has shed some light on why he and his wife pick on each other so much.

The troll tendencies of one of the the most Google-searched couples came up while CBS Sunday Morning interviewed the Deadpool star. The word "relentless" was used to describe the couple’s constant roasting, and the actor brushed off that sentiment with a keen response:

I dunno if it’s relentless. You know, I don’t think anyone wants to see lovey-dovey proclamations of whatever on social media, that’s for behind closed doors.

Their public love language isn’t PDA, which is something that a lot of celebrity pairs show off on social media. With that, they clearly want to maintain some sense of romantic privacy. What the Canadian actor's comments indicate is that they're truly in love, though they prefer to express that with killer jokes in the public eye. Of course, fans have gotten peeks into the couple’s sweeter sides. For instance, Ryan Reynolds credited his wife for some of his biggest movies and thanked his family at the People’s Choice Awards.

The question surrounding the Hollywood power couple’s constant online ribbing didn’t end, as the leading man was asked about who initiated the faux feud. And funny enough, the Marvel star can't really provide a definitive answer on that front. though there is something he knows for sure. He explained:

I dunno, she’s always kind of had that super acerbic aspect of her. But yeah, we’ve always sort of had a relationship that’s predicated on kicking each other’s ass a little bit... we have fun with it. It’s also an expression of safety too, in the relationship as well. You can kind of have fun with each other that way, chances are you guys are good friends. At the end of the day, that’s what works. Yeah, I love her but I like her. Like I really like her. So that’s what I think really helps us.

Anyone can see that underneath the plethora of jokes, there's nothing but love between the two stars. The morning news show even referenced Blake Lively’s lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day 2022 Instagram post, which showed the couple in a rare, sweet moment. Ryan Reynolds projected his trademark wit by saying that he was in soft-focus compared to his spouse. 

Blake Lively's viral trolling doesn’t stop with her husband, as she recently got her sister, actress Robyn Lively, on her birthday. The Rhythm Section star referred to the Karate Kid Part III star as both her “best friend ever” and “someone to bully for life.” Check out Blake’s sweet and funny Instagram tribute to her older sister below:

Blake Lively's Instagram Story birthday post to her sister Robyn Lively

(Image credit: Instagram)

I mean, can you really be family without occasionally roasting each other? Of course, when she’s not trolling her family and friends, Blake Lively is busy preparing for her and Ryan Reynolds’ fourth child and getting ready for her changing her hair for next film project, It Ends With Us. Reynolds is no slouch either, as he's getting into shape for Deadpool 3. While both projects won’t arrive for some time, we'll still have their viral jokes to look forward to in the meantime, I'm sure. Also, check out our 2023 movie schedule to see learn about the films headed your way this year.

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