Britney Spears Goes Natural, Sings Baby One More Time Without Filter And Shares Underwater Nudes

Some weeks Britney Spears is more active on social media than others, but this week she has been busy sharing what God has given her. In a series of posts, the singer opened up with her real singing voice and her real body. We don’t get to hear her sing naturally all that often, but apparently there’s a version of “Baby One More Time” she’s always wanted to record, and she finally shared it with fans days after baring her real, full nude self underwater.

In a post, Spears shared she’s always wanted to record her iconic track “Baby One More Time” in another way that is more authentic to how she sees the song. Spears says she’s been asking to re-record the track a little differently for 14 years, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet. Instead, she mentions she was turned down and re-mixed versions were created instead, which she notes “ruined” it for her. So, she put together this version for her fans. 

To the delight of her fanbase, Spears shared off her natural, deep singing voice. This doesn’t happen all that often; in fact there are entire videos dedicated to the singer showing off her real voice so people know she’s not all just nasally vocals and autotune. In fact, it used to be so rare that I distinctly remember her singing “Happy Birthday” to L.A. Reid in her real voice on The X Factor years ago. 

The good news is that Spears has been more open with her vocals since she was allegedly given more control over her own Instagram account again. In 2021, she recorded another post featuring her natural singing voice, and she's often records herself singing whilst putzing around her house. As she says, this just popped out when she was doing laundry this week. 

Meanwhile, she isn't just stuck inside singing her heart out. In a separate post, she also went viral this week for some outside activity. Spears often likes to include sand and sun sans clothing in her week, and this July day was no exception. The singer went skinny dipping in a brand new post, and covered up anything that wouldn’t fit into Instagram’s guidelines. 

Spears has continued to take to social media to share facets of her life with her fanbase, and they seem to be here for her. Both posts went viral this week, with fans commenting about how "nature is healing" on the latter post and being honestly pumped for more of Britney's deep voice in the former post. One particularly excited commenter even noted in all caps "THIS IS A POP EMERGENCY. WE WAITED [FOR] THIS FOR SO LONG." 

Only time will tell if we'll get more stripped down Britney Spears, but it seems like the fans are primed and ready for whatever the pop singer does next.  

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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