Britney Spears’ Loved Ones Reportedly Scheduled An Intervention Over Substance Abuse, But It Did Not Go As Planned

Many close to Britney Spears including her husband Sam Asghari, her manager and her doctors reportedly planned an intervention earlier this week. They reportedly wanted to address what they perceive as substance abuse issues and behavior problems with the pop star, but it seems the plan did not work out as originally scheduled. She reportedly caught on to what was happening, and the intervention never happened.

All of this is coming from a report this morning by TMZ. The outlet claims there has been increasing concern from Spears’ camp about substance abuse issues. She’s allegedly been taking medication that “hype her up” and has not been taking the medication that stabilizes her. Their sources claim this has led to “erratic” and “volatile” behavior that has been causing increased concern. One source in regular contact with the singer apparently said they were concerned she was going to die.

The original plan was reportedly for those close to her (not including her father and children) to speak with her inside a house her manager rented. They reportedly hired an interventionist and were going to try to convince her to get help. The reports allege it was going to happen on Tuesday, and those involved would have asked her to live in the house her manger rented with professional help for a few months. She reportedly became aware of what was happening prior to the meeting, however. Instead, she reportedly met with a doctor on Wednesday. A source apparently said it went well, but it’s unclear what that means or what the next steps might be.

Following some mental health issues and a few involuntary commitments in the late ‘00s, Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship run by her father back in 2008. Following the release of a documentary and a new found public awareness of some of the consequences of that conservatorship, Spears was freed to live her own life and make her own choices. She’s talked openly about enjoying the freedom that came with being able to drive, drink alcohol and use ATMs, among other things. She also married longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari

Some fans and observers, however, have questioned some of her behavior over the last year. She regularly criticized her parents and the conservatorship on social media, making allegations about things that happened and the time she lost. She also posted NSFW photos on a semi-regular basis, which reportedly caused problems with her children who allegedly asked her to stop. She also had some unusual encounters with the general public, and more recently, she was also accused of storming out of a restaurant and acting “manic” after some people at a nearby table started filming her.

No one involved in this rumored intervention has spoken on the record, and details on what exactly happened and where things might go from here are very unclear. For now, everything should be treated as an unsubstantiated rumor. Hopefully, whatever is going on, Britney Spears is able to find a path that leads to a healthy and fulfilling life of happiness. She's given fans so much entertainment and joy. Hopefully she's able to find the same.

Mack Rawden
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