Britney Spears Talks ATM Withdrawals And Other Freedoms She's Been Able To Enjoy Since Taking Over Her Life

It’s been basically a year now since Britney Spears was finally freed from the conservatorship that ruled pretty much every aspect of her personal and professional life. Though she’s continued to refuse to back down when it comes to publicly making very serious allegations against members of her family who she feels benefitted from that court order, the pop star has also been quite open about the kinds of freedoms she’s been able to enjoy since taking a stand in court against the conservatorship. She recently talked to her fans about being able to make ATM withdrawals and other basic things she can now enjoy.

What Did Britney Spears Say About The Freedoms She Now Has?

It wasn’t long after the “Hold Me Closer” singer spoke out against her conservatorship that she was able to start living with less restrictions. By late July 2021, she was able to actually start driving herself again and have complete control over her social media accounts, though she did note that being able to act of her own volition did “scare” her. She is, of course, now totally able to do what she wants whenever she wants, including finally marrying Sam Asghari in a fairytale wedding. Now, she’s opened up on Instagram about some very basic freedoms she’s been enjoying, in a post that seems directed at her dad:

It's been a while since I talked to my pops !!! Brit Brit’s got some good special news 👍🏼 … this year I’ve been able to get cash for the first time with my ATM card !!! …Guess what ??? I can go to spas now too 💅🏼 !!! …I know I couldn’t go to spas because you were scared I would drink coffee ☕️ !!! I’m an equal person now !!! I can drink coffee … and I’m so HAPPY !!!

While those paying attention to her conservatorship likely knew that her money was tightly controlled, it probably seems impossible to many people that the star wouldn’t have been allowed to do something as simple and seemingly harmless as go to a spa or drink coffee, but she’s certainly made much more shocking claims. 

Just a few weeks ago, she alleged that her mom once slapped her for staying out too late when her sons were still very young, and there have also been reports from the “Gimme More” artist that her mom was really the one to come up with the idea for the conservatorship, that the older woman helped hold her down on a gurney so that she could be taken away in an ambulance, and many more allegations. The superstar is also still involved in lawsuits with both of her parents, which stem from things that went on during the years of her conservatorship. You can see her full Instagram post, below:

It will likely be a very long time before Spears is done sharing what happened during her conservatorship, but at least she can now live her life as she chooses. 

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