Britney Spears Talks About 'The Worst Part' Of What Happened To Her, References JLo In New Post

Britney Spears’ life has seen so many changes recently, that it might be hard to believe that it was just in June of 2021 that she finally spoke out in open court about a number of alleged abuses she suffered under her conservatorship. And, once the superstar started talking, she didn’t stop. In the months since, she’s continued to give fans glimpses at her life under that court order, as well as the new freedoms she enjoys, and has now opened up about what she sees as “the worst part” of the whole ordeal, using JLo’s life to help explain. 

How Did Britney Spears Reference JLo In Talking About The Worst Part Of Her Conservatorship?

The Grammy winner has been using her Instagram to tell fans about the things she went through while her father, Jamie Spears (whom she’s still embroiled in legal battles with), ran much of her life for over 13 years. Since being released from the conservatorship in November 2021, she’s detailed how she believes other members of her family played a part in hurting her and how she wasn’t even able to record new music when she wanted. Now, the “Hold Me Closer” singer has talked more about her experience, and wrote, in part:

After 14 years of telling me no to what I wanted ... it’s ruined for me ... but that wasn't the worst part ... the worst part was my family locking me up in that place for four months … Jesus fucking Christ … I'd like to see somebody tell Jennifer Lopez to sit down 8 hours a day 7 days a week ... no car, own security of 5 years telling me at my own door I can’t walk outside for 4 months. . . .I'd like to see a management team tell Jennifer Lopez to go through what I went through ... what the fuck do you think she would do ... her family would NEVER allow that.

From what the “Toxic” artist said, hearing no every time she had a request wasn’t great, but not being able to stop her family (she’s claimed the conservatorship was her mother, Lynne Spears’, idea and has said her siblings benefited from her money being used, as well) from “locking me up” for several months was really the worst part of what she endured. Her impression is that if something like this were suggested for JLo (or, I imagine, other stars of that caliber) that the Marry Me star and her family wouldn’t let such a thing happen.

It’s not entirely clear where this reportedly occurred, as while Spears referred to this happening “at her own door” makes it sound like she was basically imprisoned in her former home, she also described it as the time when she was allegedly forced to change clothes/shower with others present, give blood on a regular basis, and take lithium. Those additional details will be familiar to anyone who read her full conservatorship court statement in the summer of 2021, as she noted at the time that she’d been sent away to “a small home in Beverly Hills to do a small rehab program” that the people in charge of her conservatorship and her doctors supposedly created for her.

We’ll be likely to hear even more from the pop legend on this and other topics regarding her life over the past decade and a half in the months to come. And, if anything, it’s good that Britney Spears finally feels she has an outlet to tell her story.

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