Jamie Spears' Lawyers Are Pushing Back And Want Britney Spears To Get Involved

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Britney Spears’ conservatorship may be over, but the star is still in the midst of an ongoing legal situation with her father, Jamie Spears. Things have been getting quite serious between the two over the past several months and, at the moment, Jamie is to be deposed by his daughter’s legal team at some point. However, via a recent filing, the Spears patriarch’s lawyers are pushing back with some new arguments against the deposition. Not only that, but said assertions also ask that Britney get involved.

Jamie Spears’ legal team, via court documents obtained by TMZ, argued that their client shouldn’t have to sit for a deposition to address the various allegations his daughter has made against him. A judge previously ruled that Britney would not have to be deposed while her father would. With that, Jamie is making the argument that if he must sit down for one then his daughter should as well. His team also notes that because Britney has made so many allegations against him, such a matter should be given serious consideration. All in all, Spears argues that the decision to have him appear for a deposition is a violation of basic fairness in the eyes of the law.

The lawyers have also called out Britney Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart. The team asserts that he did not find enough cause for Britney's deposition to be struck down. In addition, Jamie’s legal representation claims that certain parameters could’ve been placed around his daughter’s deposition as opposed to ruling against it entirely. The lawyers say that questions and topics could’ve been limited.

Britney Spears’ legal team has been targeting Jamie for a deposition for some time now. While arguing for the man to be deposed, Matthew Rosengart said, “Mr. Spears can run, but he cannot forever hide from his legal and fiduciary obligations.” As mentioned, the pop star has made a number of serious claims against her dad, one of which being that he allegedly bugged Britney’s home.

All the while, Jamie Spears has also made a few other legal moves as of late. In August, he filed a motion to have some of his daughter’s previously sealed medical documents unsealed. At the time, his reasoning for the move was unclear, and it drew a quick response from her daughter’s lawyer’s. Britney’s team deemed it “a new low” for the Spears patriarch. The group also expressed displeasure almost a year ago when Jamie petitioned to have Britney pay his legal fees following the dissolution of her conservatorship. 

These new arguments regarding the deposition come amid a flurry of developments within Britney Spears’ personal life. Right now, she’s engaged in drama with her sons and ex-husband Kevin Federline and recently aimed another allegation at her mother, Lynne. On top of all that, Spears just claimed that she “probably" won’t perform again due to touring conditions. Time will tell how things pan out in those areas, and the same is certainly true for her ongoing issues with Jamie Spears.

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