After Britney Spears Dropped A Video With New Allegations, Mom Lynne Spears Responded With An Allegation Of Her Own

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Last night, Britney Spears posted and then deleted a twenty-plus minute video in which she talked extensively about her personal life and the time she was under a conservatorship. She blasted her family, especially her parents, for restricting her freedom and made a series of allegations. She claimed her father kept her from friends. She claimed her mother and two girlfriends held her down on a gurney and had her taken away in an ambulance. She claimed her Las Vegas residency ended because she refused to do a dance move, leading to her show being cancelled and her being asked to lie and say her father was sick.

Most of the conversation was around Spears’ father Jamie Spears who was in charge of the conservatorship, but Britney said she’s actually most angry at her mother. She claimed the matriarch of the family could have gotten a lawyer to help her, and instead, would either “hide” or say “we’re praying for her” but not actually offer any support. Britney claimed she hasn’t seen her family in awhile, but if she did see them, she “might even spit in their fucking faces.”

Those allegations, as well as a variety of different stories including one about secretly being in a relationship and trying to leave the country, quickly went viral. They also attracted the attention of Spears’ mother. In response, Lynne Spears took to Instagram to level some allegations of her own. She claimed she’s called and flown out to see Spears “countless times” and now feels “hopeless.” You can read her entire comment and see the accompanying picture below…

Since Spears’ 13 year conservatorship officially ended late last year, the singer has both enjoyed her new found freedom and spoken very openly and transparently about her past. That latter part has led to several high profile back-and-forths with various members of her family. Most recently, she had a very public war of words with her ex-husband Kevin Federline over custody issues and how often she’s seeing their shared children. Earlier this year, she also had a public dust-up with her sister Jamie Lynn, who, like her mother, claimed Spears doesn’t respond to private messages and instead uses social media to talk about family issues.

Conversely, Britney Spears’ new husband Sam Asghari has been very supportive of his wife, whether it be about the pictures and videos she’s dropped on social media or her coming to terms with her past. The two tied the knot back in June, and he’s been quick to jump to her aid on social media, particularly in these arguments with her family. 

Britney has also returned to work recently, recording a new song alongside pop legend Elton John. The track, entitled “Hold Me Closer” has hit number one in numerous countries, and the two are reportedly working on a video together to support the hit track. 

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