The Full House Cast Shot A New Quarantine-Themed Intro And It's Great

Jesse Full House

The intro to the Full House theme asks "whatever happened to predictability," and that's a question a lot of us may be asking on a daily basis. Less so because we're wondering what happened to our milk man or paper boys, but the evening TV concerns are certainly valid and prevalent, since the world is running out of content fast. In an effort to remind everyone to stay germ-free, a bulk of the Full House cast helped create a new intro for the classic sitcom.

The video, titled "Full Quarantine," imagines a world in which the Full House cast is grown and dealing with COVID-19. It could be considered a Fuller House reunion, though none of the younger cast of the Netflix original is to be found in this humorous bit posted to Bob Saget's Twitter account.

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It's great to see that one of America's favorite families is staying safe during quarantine and, more importantly, not reuniting under the same roof to make this video happen. All the usual suspects one would expect are in there, and these Full House and Fuller House veterans are doing all the things one does (or should be doing) during quarantine. Minus Dave Coulier's Joey, we could only be so lucky to be able to fish pizza out of rivers during this trying time.

Of course, there are some notable names missing from this compilation. Not that anyone expected Lori Loughlin to be included, or for the Olsen twins to have wanted to participate. With that being said, Jeff Franklin is featured at the end, and as some may remember, he was ousted from Fuller House for inappropriate conduct on set. Loughlin is still in a legal battle for a college admissions scandal, so it's fair to say now isn't exactly the best time for her to be a part of a video like this.

Overall, this is a fun video that I'm hoping other sitcoms try to replicate. It would be great to see a Family Matters one that, honestly, wouldn't be that much different since they hardly left the house anyway. The Winslows would have loved to have social distancing around to keep Urkel the hell out of their house. Of course, everyone would also flip out over one from the ensemble casts of Friends and The Office, but if those don't come, at least audiences have that Friends reunion and a couple of new comedies to scratch that itch.

Celebrities are all about posting content to keep fans engaged and themselves entertained during quarantine. Most at-home content has been golden, and some only slightly disastrous. The important thing is that the actors and actresses of America continue to try and keep entertaining from home, because it could be a while before we get any new shows or movies featuring Hollywood's TV elite.

Full House can currently be streamed on Hulu, along with other TGIF favorites, and the revival Fuller House is over on Netflix. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on what's happening in television and movies as we all continue to navigate through this uncertain time.

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