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Chicago Fire Delivered Some Romantic Developments Before The Break, And One Could Seriously Backfire

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 12 of Chicago Fire Season 10, called “Show of Force.”

Just an hour after the doctors of Chicago Med were getting ready for a gala, the heroes of Chicago Fire were decked out in formalwear for a party of their own, and the event resulted in some big romantic developments. The good news is that “Show of Force” set the stage for some serious relationship intrigue moving forward in Season 10; the bad news is that Fire is heading into another break. So, with some weeks before the next episode, now is the time to look at what just happened with the romances. 

The Fire gala was technically only for officers, but not all the officers ultimately made it to the party, and one firefighter got the invite despite not holding the rank for it. A lot went down at the event, and it’s worth digging into the one romantic development that is 100% worth celebrating... as well as the one that could seriously backfire. 

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Stella And Severide

The good ship Stellaride ran into some rough waters earlier in Season 10 when Stella’s Girls on Fire trip turned into weeks of Severide not hearing from his fiancée, but they managed to work through those issues after just a couple episodes once she returned at the end of the midseason finale. After getting some reassurance that she still wants to marry him and watching her rise to the occasion as acting lieutenant while Pelham was out, Severide had a surprise for her. 

After pulling her outside at the gala – which really proved how much Stella loves and trusts him, because outdoors in a Chicago winter wearing a low-cut sleeveless dress? – he gave her a beautiful engagement ring. Not only has their relationship survived her absence and going silent on him, but he made the engagement more official than ever by putting a ring on her finger. 

She was of course thrilled, and the future is looking bright for Chicago Fire’s biggest couple, even if she’s not going to be the permanent lieutenant on Truck 81 just yet. With Brettsey potentially doomed and Gallo/Violet evidently not moving forward any time soon, it’s nice to have one slow-burn relationship going so well. 

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Violet And Chief Hawkins

The other duo to take a big step forward during the gala was Violet and Chief Hawkins. Although Hawkins intended to keep things professional and Violet previously had her doubts about whether or not she had earned her award, the temptation was evidently too much for them in “Show of Force.” When they found themselves alone together in the gala, all professionalism was forgotten and they shared a big kiss. 

While there is certainly chemistry between them and they both feel enough of an attraction to throw caution to the wind and make out at a party packed full of CFD brass, it’s easy to imagine the kiss backfiring on them when Season 10 returns. After all, he is her superior officer at the CFD, and by a fair amount. 

This isn’t the matter of a paramedic and a PIC, or even a firefighter with the officer on their rig like what Dawson and Casey had going on back in the Dawsey days. Hawkins is chief, and it seems like anybody finding out about their kiss – particularly if it escalates into something more – could be bad for both of them, although particularly Violet as the subordinate. A question for the next episode to answer is just how far they end up going after the big step at the gala.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to find out. Chicago Fire won’t return with any new episodes until after the Olympics on NBC, along with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. There are some viewing options between now and the One Chicago return, however, so be sure to check out our 2022 winter premiere schedule for what to watch and when to tune in. 

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