Dancing With The Stars' Olivia Jade Says Tom Felton Slid Into Her DMs With A Harry Potter-Related Message

Tom Felton is pretty much a professional Harry Potter fan at this point, with his social media split between Harry Potter references or throwbacks and whatever is going on with his life now. Apparently, he also takes advantage of the direct message feature of social media, too, because Dancing With The Stars’ Olivia Jade has revealed that Felton slid into her DMs, and he did include a Slytherin-worthy Harry Potter reference.

In her appearance on E!’s Down in the DMs, Olivia Jade shared that Tom Felton once sent her a DM with a subtle Harry Potter reference. The DM was a short appreciation of her work and, thankfully, not creepy at all. Felton followed the opener up with a snake emoji, as a reference to his role as the most recognizable Slytherin during Harry’s time at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter franchise. Here’s what Felton typed prior to that sweet little snake emoji:

Hello mate. Dig your work.

The message is innocent enough, but, according to Jade, his note went unanswered. Olivia Jade, who, besides being the daughter of Full House’s Lori Loughlin, rose to fame for her massive social media following, did not respond to the message. In fact, she says she didn’t understand the snake reference at all!

In the same appearance, Jade owned up to the fact that she hasn’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies, which is why the snake emoji reference went completely over her head. Although, it’s not clear if she would have responded if she did know who Tom Felton was. Here’s what she said, exactly:

I'm really sorry I'm going to expose you but I think you're probably a really nice person. I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies so I didn't get the joke. I didn't respond and now I just exposed that I've seen it and I didn't respond so that's also rude of me. I think most people would probably understand and be excited by it. I just need to watch more movies.

Okay, so ignorance just might be pretty much the only excuse for not responding to a direct message from Draco Malfoy. It’s a slight that wouldn’t go unpunished if she were dealing with the real Malfoy clan from the movies, with his dad probably delivering swift justice once he heard about it.

Still though, millions of Harry Potter fans are crying right now over the fact that Tom Felton not only DMed someone who is not them, but someone who didn’t even know who he was even after he hinted at his Harry Potter connection. For shame!

Sounds like the unrequited DM may have been a missed love connection. Fans have speculated about Felton and his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson having feelings for each other, but that ship never sailed, either. 

Fans will be able to see Tom Felton and Emma Watson reunite, along with a number of other Harry Potter cast members, in the steadily approaching Harry Potter 20th anniversary reunion special. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts will be released on HBO Max on New Year’s Day, and I honestly can’t wait to see everyone back together again. If Felton was hoping to strike up a friendship (or more) with Olivia Jade, meeting with his old buddies probably helped ease any bruised feelings.

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