Harry Potter's Tom Felton Shared A Throwback Photo With Rupert Grint And The Weasleys, And Now I Really Want A Reunion

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

If you need more proof that time is just an abstract concept, here’s some Harry Potter trivia for you: The first film in the popular franchise was released almost 20 years ago. It’s scary to think that it’s been two decades since we first saw that lightning bolt scar on Daniel Radcliffe’s head, but it’s a reality we have to come to terms with. If this impending Potterversary has you feeling nostalgic, you’re not alone. Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, just shared a throwback photo of himself with Rupert Grint and a few other Weasleys, and it has me hoping for a real reunion as soon as possible.  

On both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, he shared a throwback photo of himself with three of the actors who made up Harry Potter’s Weasley family, and it sent fans spiraling with excitement. Take a look at the cute #fbf here: 

The picture shows a decidedly not-redheaded Felton alongside Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, and one half of the Weasley twins, James Phelps, at a 2015 event. While fans were busy freaking out in the Instagram comments, his co-stars weighed in on Felton’s ginger envy. Wright replied “Lol. There’s still time!” and Phelps, who himself is not a natural redhead, offered up a cheeky “Same!” Maybe Grint was too busy with his duties as a new dad to jump back on Instagram and chime in. 

It may be a little jarring to see Draco being so friendly with Ron, Ginny and Fred, loyal Potterheads know that he’s been tight with Grint for years. He even shared another throwback photo of the two, seemingly up to no good, earlier this year. 

Though it’s been more than ten years since the film series finished up, the cast and crew have made it clear that in many ways they’re still a family, even though they’re all grown up now. No one has done more to keep that vibe going than Tom Felton. The actor regularly engages with his former co-stars, both offline and on social media. While there have been way less in-person meet-ups since the pandemic began, he’s still made sure to let fans know that he’s keeping his Wizarding World friends close to his heart, with snarky birthday shout-outs and a glimpse at moments from their past.

Of course, now that we’ve seen the castmates together again, it’s hard not to long for a present day reunion. Given that it’s just a couple of weeks before the anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, it might not be too much to hope for. Even if we don’t get a cast reunion this year, there’s always the chance that they’ll come back together for another Potter film. That would really truly magical. While you wait for news on that front, you can binge all eight of the existing movies on HBO Max now.

Katherine Webb