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Dax Shepard Just Opened Up About Dating One Of The Olsen Twins, And What Their Personalities Are Really Like

Some Hollywood couples are so wild, it’s hard to accept they existed, even if they were documented in the public record. However, actor and podcast host Dax Shepard just dropped a doozy for the books, as he opened up about his former relationship with former Full House star and current bazillionaire Ashley Olsen. Even better, his admiration for his ex gave way to a pretty awesome remark about the personalities of both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

During the most recent episode of his podcast Armchair Expert, Shepard spilled the beans on his relationship with the Full House star-turned-fashion magnate. Revealing how he had actually never watched the sitcom that starred both Olsen Twins in the role of Michelle Tanner, Dax Shepart claims it was Ashley’s business acumen that really knocked him for a loop. After the topic of the Olsens' fashion line The Row came up, here’s what the host had to say when revealing this surprising fact:

I dated Ashley Olsen, and she’s just the most wonderful person. She's fantastic. … When we were dating, she was putting kind of all her energy and focus into launching [The Row] in a big way. So, I actually got to see her meet with design teams and, like, run her shit and she handled her B, and it’s very impressive.

It’s admittedly weird to think about Dax Shepard with anyone except his current wife and partner-in-crime/parenting Kristen Bell. That said, according to Shepard’s own admission, his romance with Ashley Olsen took place around 2007, after he was “thunderstruck by her beauty” at a party. And as they bonded over cars and he grew impressed by her fashion empire, history was made, even if it changed to the Bell side of things in late 2007.

Meanwhile, Dax Shepards’ relationship with Ashley actually allowed him to get a better appreciation for the personalities of both twins. Reflecting on how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen struck him, sarcasm was part of the impressive combination that Shepard experienced first hand. 

They’re sarcastic. I would imagine, on the surface, that’s a pretty weird pairing but she’s super funny, and sarcastic and intelligent. And they are major fucking bosses.

Perhaps the reason hearing this story about Dax Shepard and Ashley Olsen dating is so surprising is because of the intense secrecy that both Olsen Twins have adopted in recent years. Save for their public comment after Bob Saget’s passing, we don’t hear much from either Mary-Kate or Ashley in the news. Contrasted with the Olsens’ more low-key lifestyle these days, Shepard’s affirmation of just how awesome they both are makes for good news all around.

The timing is pretty good too, as even Megan Fox had an awe-inspiring moment with the Olsens in recent months that she shared. Recalling that anecdote, that makes Ms. Fox also somewhat qualified to speak on the subject of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s awesomeness. Between that and the angle of her own wild relationship stories, perhaps it’s time that she landed a guest spot of her own on Dax Shepard’s podcast. Provided, of course, that the slate of upcoming Megan Fox movies allows such an event.

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