Upcoming Megan Fox Movies: The Expendables 4 And More

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If you were drawing breath and old enough to watch a film or read a magazine cover in the 2000s, chances are you are familiar with Megan Fox. She completely dominated pop culture after starring in Transformers opposite Shia LaBeouf, and became recognized for a number of roles where Fox showed off some pretty awesome acting chops. She's proven herself with a number of killer (hello, Jennifer’s Body?) performances over the years. 

After appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and New Girl with a recurring role, Fox seemed to fall away from Hollywood for a couple years.  She came back recently, though, and now she’s back in full force, seemingly better than ever, both in her (super intense) personal life with new boyfriend/future baby daddy Machine Gun Kelly and in her career.

Fox went into 2021 strong and released three new films in just a year, and it appears as if she’s going into 2022 with the same commitment, because there are a number of promising Megan Fox movies in our future that you should be keeping an eye out for, including The Expendables 4

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Big Gold Brick - TBA (Completed)

Announced back in 2019, Big Gold Brick is a dark comedy both written and directed by Brian Petsos. It is Petsos’ first film, the director having previously put out two shorts that went viral. For these shorts, he teamed up with Dune star Oscar Isaac and SNL’s own Kristen Wiig, and both actors also have a hand in Big Gold Brick. Isaac stars alongside Megan Fox in the upcoming film and Wiig is acting as producer.

There’s not much known about the plot, past a summary, but we do know that the film centers around a writer as he attempts to pen a mysterious man's biography amid ensuing chaos. Megan Fox’s character is named Jacqueline, but what part her character plays in the action is not quite clear just yet.

While production has been completed on Big Gold Brick, there is not yet a release date for the film. It was originally estimated to be released around this time of year for DVD and Blu-ray, but there is no current report on why the film has been put on hold.

We haven’t seen Megan Fox in too many comedies, but when she does step into the genre, a little bit of magic happens. Her character Reagan in New Girl is just *chef’s kiss*, and I honestly can’t wait to see her in another comedic role.

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The Expendables 4 - TBA (Post-Production)

Megan Fox has a pretty solid action history with the Transformers franchise and Jonah Hex, and she’s about to add The Expendables to that resume as she enters the franchise for its upcoming fourth film. Originally made to be a direct to video feature, The Expendables movies have seen some major success in the action genre, and with good reason. The Expendables 4 is keeping its star studded cast, with a ton of classic action heroes returning, but is adding some new faces like Fox, 50 Cent, and Andy Garcia.

A release date for the film has not been set as of this writing, but we can expect it to drop sometime in 2022. For now, much about the film is being kept tightly under wraps, including the plot, but with the producer calling the fourth film “the biggest, most badass adventure yet,” I really can’t help but get pretty excited for the upcoming entry.

While the exact nature of her role isn't known right now, you’ve got to admit she looks pretty badass in some behind the scenes photos of her in costume for the film, making it look like she’s going to be in on some serious action once the films does make it to the screen.

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Johnny & Clyde - TBA (Pre-Production)

Pretty much everyone knows the story of Bonnie and Clyde, the two outlaw lovers who seemed destined for a tragic end. Johnny & Clyde is a new take on the classic story, centering around two serial killers who gear up to rob a casino.

Megan Fox is cast as the casino owner, alongside Tyson Ritter, who plays her head of security, and she has bleached her hair an icy blonde for the role. While not too much is known about the nature of the film, Fox makes it sound like she’s not quite human in the film, but a demon-like woman. If this is true, it’s safe to say that Johnny and Clyde are going to have some surprises when they execute their heist. 

The film is preparing to start production, and the entirety of the film will reportedly be shot in Rhode Island. Johnny & Clyde’s producer, Chad Verdi, who is from that state, has said the production is attempting to hire as many people from the surrounding areas as possible to work on the movie. 

Director Tom DeNucci, who is also a Rhode Island native, has written and directed another heist film, Vault, and seems comfortable in the genre. Based on his previous work and his upcoming crime flick, The Mick and the Trick, we can expect a brand new  film that has the grit of an older, cult classic crime drama, and I honestly can’t wait to see how Johnny & Clyde turns out.

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Good Morning With A U - TBA (Announced)

Of all the upcoming projects that Megan Fox has, Good Morning With a U may just be the most interesting. Co-written and directed by Fox’s partner in crime himself, Machine Gun Kelly, it definitely makes sense that she would nab a leading role. 

Machine Gun Kelly, who is actually going by his given name of Colson Baker for this project, is teaming up with Mod Sun, who has directed a number of Baker’s music videos. Good Morning With a U is their theatrical debut, and they are creating the film under David Ayer and Chris Long’s Cedar Park Studios.

Megan Fox isn’t the only big name that’s set to star, either. The project has cast some serious comedic talent in Pete Davidson and Whitney Cummings. 

The plot, as of right now, is unknown, but with backers like David Ayer and Chris Long and a cast with some pretty solid names, it sounds very promising. There is no set release date, and the project is not yet in production, but we can still hope for a late 2022 release.

It seems like Megan Fox isn’t really skipping a beat, and her not-so-quiet return to Hollywood is producing some pretty interesting films. While some may criticize her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly for seeming odd, it would appear as though the two are compatible professionally as well as personally, having met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass, and now working together again in Kelly’s own upcoming film. 

There may have been a time at the beginning of her career when Megan Fox was type-cast, but that time has long been over, and she continues to prove that you can’t put her in a box. Each film she has in the works is wildly different from one another, just as everything she has put out recently. 

It’s tough to tell exactly when we can expect these Megan Fox movies to surface, as none of her upcoming films have a release date tied down. However, the actress has some absolute bangers already released, and most are readily available to stream.

It looks like 2022 is going to be one hell of a year, both for us and for Megan Fox. You can check out our list of upcoming 2022 movies for a full scope on what to expect from the new year. This year isn’t over, though, and there are plenty more new releases to look forward to in the way of 2021 movies, although there’s nothing left this year for Fox.

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