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Did The Resident Just Set Another Relationship Up For Trouble With Leela's Reveal?

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Spoilers ahead for the March 8 episode of The Resident on Fox, called “In for a Penny.”

The Resident has officially moved on from Billie’s emotional arc as she had to face her rapist and deal with the reality that Trevor had learned the truth, and Kit was able to come back to her job while Bell took his hard-won position on the State Medical Board. That doesn’t mean that the show is out of drama, however, and Leela made a reveal to Devon that could mean relationship trouble down the line. Their visions of their future could be very different. 

Padma made a big ask of her twin sister in the previous episode when she requested an egg from Leela, since she wouldn’t be able to become pregnant herself. Leela was a little unnerved at the idea, since she and Padma are genetically identical. Devon seemed more than a little hesitant at the idea as well, although Leela made it clear that it was her body (and her eggs), so her choice. Throw in the case that had Leela working to save the life of an architect who was risking her fertility for the chance of a cure for her pain, and she was thinking a lot about the future… which may not be good for her relationship with Devon. 

Devon confirmed to Leela that he wants to build a family with her down the line, but Leela revealed that she’s not sure she sees herself having children. Her focus is on her career, and she can’t guarantee to him that she’ll decide that she wants kids ever. She did leave the door open, and said that in the process of donating an egg to Padma, she could freeze some of her eggs so that she would have all the time she needs to make the decision. Devon clearly wasn’t thrilled about it, but he didn’t press the issue. 

Still, it seems that Leela planted some seeds of discontent in their relationship, if having children is something that Devon ultimately wants more than a relationship with her. He was very clear about wanting a family with her, and seemed confident that they were on the same page about the future up until she admitted that she wasn’t sure she wanted kids. Even when she said that, he started pitching ideas for how doctors manage to build families despite the stress and demands of their jobs. They have different visions for their future. 

That’s not to say that their visions for the future won’t change, and Leela didn’t rule out having kids someday once she’s out of her surgical residency. It should be interesting to see if she does go through with donating the egg to her sister, and how Padma’s theoretical pregnancy could emotionally affect her… and Devon. Seeing Padma pregnant would be a pretty clear visual of what it would be like for Leela to be pregnant, since she’s played by Anuja Joshi’s real-life twin sister!

See what happens next with Leela and Devon with new episodes of The Resident on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. The Resident also finally shed some light on Cade’s mysterious backstory by revealing that she had worked with the FBI to try and catch the mob pulling off scams in the healthcare system, which Conrad certainly didn’t see coming. It seemed like some sparks were flying between them, but fans shouldn’t start counting on her as his next love interest just yet! For more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2022 TV schedule.

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