Dr. Dre Has A Clever Plan To Prevent Super Bowl Halftime Show Spoilers But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Dr. Dre in the music video for 'I Need a Doctor'
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Super Bowl 56 is just days away and of course, while some fans are excited for the Bengals and Rams to go up against each other, and/or see the commercials, others are excited for the Pepsi Halftime Bowl. This year’s game will include a mega lineup that will take you back to the early 2000s. Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Eminem are all performing, and Dr. Dre is making sure no one knows anything about the performance until halftime. 

With Dr. Dre reportedly fronting a lot of his own money for the Super Bowl 56 halftime show, organizers have a clever plan to prevent spoilers while rehearsals are underway at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. According to TMZ, the stadium has been blasting rock music outside to drown out the rehearsals going on inside the stadium. Music from performers such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi has been playing on full volume so it covers up any bit of the actual music that will be used for the 12-minute set.

However, with great music comes great responsibility. Although the plan seems like a good idea, not everybody is thrilled about the method of preventing spoilers. Residents living close to the stadium can hear the loud music, and with rehearsals going on late at night, families have a hard time going to sleep and getting their little ones down, as sources tell TMZ that residents aren’t very happy about the situation.

It's unclear if those residents have voiced their complaints to SoFi Stadium, or if the lateness of the rehearsals is the biggest issue. Luckily, the Super Bowl is only a few days away so they won’t have to tough it out for much longer. Let’s just hope that it’s all worth it, because halftime performances can be hit or miss, though with this year’s lineup, it’s likely going to be a big hit. 

The performance getting spoiled is not the only thing on organizers' minds when it comes to the Super Bowl. With the COVID pandemic still complicating events with large numbers of people, some people have been worried that the Super Bowl and its halftime performance could be ruined. While the legendary hip-hop artist did reportedly purchase event cancellation insurance, the coverage doesn’t apply to COVID.

With the game taking place in the LA area, the risk of COVID complications is definitely there. It seems unlikely at this point and this close to Super Bowl 56 that it would be cancelled. Meaning that fans shouldn’t have to worry about it, and will only have to worry the commercials, game, and of course, the star-studded Pepsi Halftime show. 

Be sure to check out where you can catch Super Bowl 56 on Sunday, February 13 on NBC so you don’t miss the must-see halftime show, and of course, the Bengals vs. the Rams!

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