The Matrix Resurrections Streaming: When And How You'll Be Able To Watch The Movie

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections
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After a break of nearly 20 years, Lana Wachowski is finally taking audiences back into the action-packed and philosophical world of The Matrix movies. With the December 22, 2021 release of The Matrix Resurrections, the long-dormant franchise that introduced the world to bullet time, bending spoons, and those deadly agents, is back on the big screen. But since this is the busiest time of the year for most moviegoers, getting to the theater during the holidays isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

Fear not, you can pick back up with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and their iconic characters because you can watch The Matrix Resurrections streaming. Here’s how you can dive back into that crazy computer-simulated dreamworld, Mr. Anderson…

Where To Watch The Matrix Resurrections Streaming

You don’t have to follow any white rabbits or dig through millions of lines of code to watch The Matrix Resurrections streaming as the new movie will be available streaming on HBO Max the same day it arrives in theaters - Wednesday, December 22, 2021. It remains unclear if this is an epilogue to the groundbreaking franchise or the start of something new, but what is known is this is the final release in the 2021 Warner Bros. plan to make all of its 2021 theatrical releases available on HBO Max the same day as in theaters.

It should be noted that in order to watch Neo, Trinity, and a different looking Morpheus go back to the source, you will need to have the ad-free version of HBO Max and not the cheaper, ad-supported model unveiled earlier in 2021. But in the event you don’t have full access or you’re a little late getting to the game (remember, the Warner Bros. movies are only available for 31 days after release), you will have a chance to watch the movie at a later date.

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When Will The Matrix Resurrections Be Available On HBO Max For Good?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait 18 years to catch The Matrix Resurrections on HBO Max if you miss it the first time around because the movie, like all of the other Warner Bros. 2021 releases, is expected to eventually come back to the streaming service. And better yet, it’s not that long in the grand scheme of things.

An exact return date for Neo has not yet been formally announced, but If we use other Warner Bros. movies as a reference, we can speculate when we might expect to see The Matrix Resurrections come back online. For example, Space Jam: A New Legacy debuted in theaters and HBO Max on July 16, 2021, left the service in mid-August, and then returned for good on December 2, a little less than five months later. If the latest installment of The Matrix follows the same path, it should return at some point in early May 2022. But we'll have to wait for official word from HBO Max on that. 

How To Watch The Other Matrix Movies Streaming

Not only is The Matrix Resurrections streaming on HBO Max, the entire film franchise is there for the watching. With all of the theatrical releases (as well as The Animatrix anthology film) in the same place, you have everything you need for a long marathon either before or after you watch the latest installment.

Stream The Matrix on HBO Max.
Stream The Matrix Reloaded - HBO Max.
Stream The Matrix Revolutions - HBO Max.
Stream The Animatrix - HBO Max.

Hopefully all of this makes watching The Matrix Resurrections streaming a relatively painless process for you. If you want to know what else is coming to theaters and streaming services before the end of the year (which is surprisingly a lot), take a glance at CinemaBlend’s schedule of 2021 movie premiere dates.

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