Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Britney Spears Calling Her One Of The ‘Most Beautiful’ Celebs She Ever Met In Thoughtful Response

Those who have been following along with the ins and outs of Britney Spears' personal life likely know that her 13-year conservatorship ended back in November, which has provided the former child pop star a level of freedom she pretty much never had before. She’s doing what she wants, including having engagement fun with Sam Asghari, and saying what she wants, such as letting all her past trauma flow freely. And when she's not taking shots at her equally vocal younger sister, Spears is sending some major good vibes out to the world, too, and recently called out Drew Barrymore as one of the two “most beautiful” celebrities she has ever met. Barrymore caught wind of the massive compliment, and offered her thoughts on what Britney means to her.

Drew Barrymore gave something of a half-response to Britney Spears after the “Stronger” singer called her and Kate Hudson out as the two most beautiful celebrities she has ever been star-struck by. In an Instagram post featuring a clip from The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore was clearly overcome with emotion when asked about Spears’ kind words. You can see her near tears in the post below:

Drew Barrymore’s adorably stumbled-over response is one of thoughtfulness, of course, as she was clearly too overcome with all the things she wanted to say. She did say multiple times that she aimed to form the perfect way to say everything she wanted, and it appears she needed to collect her thoughts off-camera before formally addressing Britney Spears in quite the awe-struck manner. She made it clear that she values what Spears has to say and wants to read her upcoming book, saying:

I just have to choose my words carefully. It is such a moment for me. I have so much…I have so many feelings towards her, so much profoundness. So how do you encapsulate that in a post? She managed to do it, now I’ve got to figure it out. But really, when you put your words out there, Britney Spears, we’re all listening. So I’m really excited for your book. I really am.

Britney Spears’ story is one that shocked the world. Her father put her in a conservatorship over a decade ago, and her life since has been one that few can really imagine. Drew Barrymore started out in Hollywood as a very young child, and has been open about some horrors that befell her in the industry as well. In the same clip, Barrymore says she finds similarities in her and Spears’ story, and she finds she has a “tremendous amount of understanding and empathy” for the pop star. Here it is in her own words:

I don’t posture to know her or understand her or say I’m like her or our journeys align, but there’s just a tremendous amount of understanding and empathy that I have for her. It’s hard for me to put into words how I feel about her, but it is beautiful.

Britney Spears has really opened the floodgates since the end of her conservatorship, and fans have hung on her every word, with her Instagram being  the most public platform that the star has used to express herself. You can check out the post Spears made about Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson below, where she describes meeting both of the Hollywood icons years ago:

While Kate Hudson did offer her own thoughtful comment on the post itself, I would expect Drew Barrymore to come out with an additional response once she has had some time to digest and properly think about all she wants to say to Britney Spears. I would also be willing to bet that Spears will make an appearance on (the new and improved) The Drew Barrymore Show sometime in the future, and I’ll be glued to the screen when and if she does. 

Be on the lookout for Britney Spears’ announced book, as it is likely to be an interesting and thrilling read. She deserves to tell more of her story, and certainly the massive book deal she scored is an excellent way to share her thoughts. Until then, I’ll be looking forward to a collab between her and Drew Barrymore - maybe even Kate Hudson can join and Britney can have a second chance at both first impressions, though she has certainly won both stars’ hearts already. 

Carlie Hoke
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